Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sisterhood Q&A's

hi beautiful ladies and gents!

So doing something new today, I feel like I've been asked to sit at the cool kids table when emily tagged me to participate in Sisterhood of the World bloggers. I answer a few questions then nominate my own favs to do the same {include the graphic with it!}.

Why did you start blogging?! 
When my brother died it just felt like the perfect outlet because I couldn't find any information or good reads for losing a sibling so I wanted to make my feelings known and see who could relate. As I went through my grief journey and life returned to the new normal, I wanted to make my blog exactly who I was which was a new wife, going through grief, wanting to find my career, not being able to cook, and someone who answers the question, are you mom? or when are you guys having kids? Almost daily! 

How do you think blogging as changed your life?!  
I feel like it created friendships which is something I honestly never expected when I was considering starting one. It has been quite the fun hobby and such a great outlet for every emotion I have had in the past few months. 
Has blogging created friendships from you?!
Ha read above! YES absolutely. I met a few girls that were just getting started as I was and a few that were pros at this and they have all been so nice and welcoming to the world for me. 
 {how I feel about my blogger friends}

What is the number one tip for blogging?!
I'm not great with computers. I don't have any good marketing tips. The one thing that has really helped me is I am completely me on my blog, even family members have read and said that I write just like I talk.  Oh, and DO LINK UPS.

What is your favorite kind of post to read and write?! 
My favorite to read is any kind of product review because I really love seeing what I need to try and what is worth trying from typical girls. My favorite to write is factual ones, sharing more about myself like my weekend posts too are fun! I don't know if anyone cares but it's fun to write. 

Is it hard to keep up with blogging every day?! 
My GOAL is to blog Mon-Fri which I hit about 90% of the time. It's not hard blogging everyday with work, wifey duties, etc. It is hard to blog everyday with depression. Some weeks where I am missing can mean a down day or of course, could just be an emergency situation. But I can fit it in quite nicely during a normal work/wifey week. 

Have you met any bloggers in real life?!
I haven't but I hope to attend some blog conferences or get-togethers next year!

What is your most popular blog post?!

Usually any of my link-ups work out well, I love those because I meet new readers and find some new blogs too. But my most read post are these two Friday Favs {here and here} and this Show and Tell Tuesday.

What is your favorite post on your blog?! 
 Here is one deep one and one fun one!

So everyone I love has been nominated so I am just going to include my top to read, send these girlies some love! 

 Shay Shull @ Mix and Match Mama
Andrea @ Momfessionals
Meg @ Eliza Poppy Co 
Amanda Elizabeth @ Meet @ The Barre 
Christina @ The New Mrs 
Erika @ The Slaughters  
Briana @ Itsy Bitsy Brianna
Molly @ Colors of Life 

 See you guys tomorrow for Friday Favorites! 


  1. Love getting to learn a little bit more about you and why you started blogging!! Isnt the blogging community great? I love all the new friends Ive met through blogging!

  2. I really love it! Thanks for being so warm and welcoming!

  3. Yay! So glad you did this post! Loved learning some new things about you!


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