Thursday, July 9, 2015

10 fun facts.

Hi wonderful friends! 

I normally do a life update on Thursdays but I had such a good weekend that I ended up taking a total of ZERO pictures and an update is no bueno with no pictures so I saw this idea on Erika's blog which I always love reading and thought today is a perfect time to get to know me a little better [totally interesting, right?! ha!].

1. hair styles, y'all 
I have been any hair style/color you can think of honestly [I get it from my mama!]. Literally, I'm kinda shocked I've never been like a purple or blue before [pretty sure I hit the pink color one time when I did auburn red and it faded #notkidding!] I honestly don't even know what my natural hair color is at this point, I know when I was little it was like strawberry blonde so maybe?! weird obsession- straws or maybe, teeth?
It is a legit obsession. I think I'm more obsessed with my teeth being stained than the actual straw. Literally my obsession with my teeth has kept me from smoking so that has helped. When it comes to beverages, if it's tea, diet coke, hot coffee, cold coffee...straw me, please!

3. homeschooled for 12 years
I was homeschooled all 12 years of school and I think I am a pretty good example of what a home-schooler looks like [don't look to tv for that, it's always awful!]. I transitioned to college just fine! my mom kept me social so much, in fact, I participated in: karate, baton classes, horseback riding lessons, photography lessons, cheernastics, public speaking, 4H club, scuba diving certified and shooting sports so yeah, I was kindddda busy growing up.

4. I love lindsay?
I grew up on I Love Lucy, the Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Leave it to Beaver! and even Petticoat Junction. My sense of humor and personality stems from what I grew up watching [I had asthma so I spent a lot of time indoors] and I'll do anything for a laugh. The greatest compliment I receive is when people laugh at me [in a nice way, y'all]!
[for example, growing up I wasn't the normal princess for halloween...I was daffy duck. #notajoke my brother had to be the cool power ranger, of course.]

5. tattoos are the windows to the soul [ha!]
I have 4 tattoos [wings for my mom, a sun with a quote for hard times, clear eyes on my forearm in honor of staying sober and forgiven on my wrist for my faith]. I plan on adding more to the collection in August.
 6. the icons on my phone are color coordinated
I am literally OCD about nothing, but I absolutely have the apps on my phone in color code and at first, it drove my husband crazy. It just makes me feel better!

7. black or white
I am black or white about everything, never grey. A great example is for every sport I have a team, you will never see me riding the fence.

8. girl crush
I surely do love my husband but I am not afraid to have some girl crushes; for style, sense of humor, fitness, etc I can really obsess over some fabulous women. My favs are: Kelly Ripa and Kelly Clarkson have been my favs for over 10 years. I am currently freaking out over the sporty/edgy style of Kathleen Robertson on Murder In The First and every summer I come back to crushing on the life of Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush. Kate Hudson is always my fitness girl!

9. friends before lovers
my husband and I were friends before we started dating, I was dating someone he knew [I say one of his friends but he disagrees, so we'll say it his way] and we became friends never thinking we would one day date and then marry. I loved knowing him in that way before dating. We were friends first and our relationship is heavily built on a best friend type relationship.

10. dreamer from the beginning
I've struggled with not quite knowing what I wanted to do career wise ever since I was little. I remember growing up my bff would always say nurse and sure enough that's what she became, but when the question came to me I would say lawyer, uh no, hair stylist, uh no, spa owner, uh no, counselor. ha! I think I was destined to own a company and/or a brand and I should've trusted myself and followed that feeling from the beginning, it's exciting to think of the possibilities still though! 

Thanks for making it through this y'all! I love getting to know each other in little factual ways like this, I hope y'all can relate to some of these. Check back tomorrow for Friday Favorites! 


  1. Love this! I really love getting to know about bloggers. A couple things, 1) I can't believe you've dyed your hair that much! I've never colored my hair at all. Ever! 2) I need to start using straws. I"ve actually been thinking about that. I drink a lot of coffee but don't want my teeth to stain! EEK!


  2. My husband and I were friends before too - I love that! So fun that you've had so many hair styles; I've only had a couple.

  3. This is such a fun way to get to know you!

    Do you think you'd home school your kids too? Your parents must have some patience :)

    1. thanks for reading! that's actually a really good question- I don't think I will. Funny enough, my husband is a teacher and I just don't feel led to teach my children at home [it could change] so I will send them to public school. I just don't see me being the type to want to take that time [it's hard work for the parents!] and I don't think I would even be that good of a teacher ha!

  4. Hi Lindsay,

    I just found your blog and I, too, love getting to know new people/bloggers!

    1. thanks so much for the love and reading!

  5. I use straws at restaurants a lot. I would rather put my mouth on a straw then on the rim of the cup. Who knows if the server has unknowingly touched it after handling people's money, wiping up messes, etc.

    My husband and sort of became new friends and new boyfriend-and-girlfriend at the same time. I think that being friends is important.

    1. thanks for reading! I totally agree, a cup when we go out HAS to have a straw! Glad y'all can relate to being friends!

  6. iPhone coordination is no joke. I arrange mine alphabetically!

  7. I can't believe I didn't read this yesterday. I am OBSESSED with straws won't see me with a drink (except water) without a straw in it. And you look so cute is every single hair style. So jealous!!! This was so fun! I'm glad you're blogging consistently now!


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