Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays.

Hi beautiful people!  
 I have to start by saying Hi to my 60 something year old Uncle Al who reads my blog everyday and provides me with HILARIOUS commentary [i.e. yesterday he said, "well glad to know you shower." or "how long does it take you get ready?" or "how can you hate something and love it at the same time?!' ha]

Okay so I let our first anniversary sneak up on me [two weeks] so I want to just summarize what I would recommend when planning in one post. Now, remember we had a pretty unlucky/awful engagement so maybe your situation is different but if it's started out pretty tough...I got you, I understand and I have some tips.

1. BUDGET- go back to my post to read about budgeting.

2. WHAT'S IMPORTANT- Figure out what's most important you guys! Is your dress a major deal? Is the venue important? Or having good food? Do you want to spend most of the budget on a band for the reception? Just sit down, look at your budget and see what is the most important to y'all as a couple.

3.WEDDING PARTY- This is such a big deal, it's almost a guaranteed thing to have family [aka:siblings] in the wedding which I totally respect and understand. That being said, Tripp and I both said that if we could go back in time it would just be us standing up there [granted our situation was hard] but that's really what it's about anyway, right?! The Bride and the Groom. When did it become about so many other people? It's hard because I have a bitter taste in my mouth concerning a wedding party, but like I said I understand having family [I had Tripp's two sisters, he had his brother-in-law and of course, we weren't able to have my brother]. Just consider making it about you two, because it's the only day that is truly all about the B & G. [I will say that some of my mom's friends love on me a lot so I had them as Honorary Bridesmaids and gave them a small gift and I don't regret that at all.]

4. JUST YOU TWO- I HIGHLY recommend keeping the details between you two. It's hard because you're excited and you don't want to leave anyone out [trust me, I know] but the more people involved, the more opinions you will get [not always nice] about something that is ultimately yours anyway. Remember, it's not your job to include everyone or to make sure their needs are met, it's your and your Groom's day. Keep it that way! I wish I would have not been so concerned with making people involved, included and happy and just bonded with Tripp and made the decisions.
5. TRADITIONS- Don't get wrapped up into what everyone else has done, is doing or have received. You may not get a Couple's Shower and Bridal Shower or you may get both. I wish I would have been more laid back during the parties and just enjoyed what was happening. [Just because most Bride's get a bridal shower or a bachelorette party, doesn't mean it's a mandatory thing.] Unfortunately, I had to be very involved because there wasn't much action being taken concerning parties and I wish when I recognized that I just wouldn't have had any, honestly. People will bring gifts to the wedding anyway and the Wedding made more memories for me than the parties ever would [hats off to my mom who really tried make sure I had everything even after losing her son just a few weeks earlier].
6. WEDDING DAY- I am the ultimate people pleaser and  I can honestly tell you that the day of the wedding I wasn't worried about anyone else, I didn't care who was mad, or who I needed to make happy. I got my stuff together, got ready for pictures and by the time I saw my Groom, I was ready to get the show on the road. It was one of the best days of my life which is hilarious [in an ironic way] after the struggle we went through. I think I want to write about weddings because I always read about these great engagements and wedding experiences and ours was pretty much hell but our wedding day ended up so beautiful and FUN! I'll write all about the actual day for our anniversary.

I hope I haven't scared y'all away [ha!] but just wanted to give y'all some tips when things go rogue during your engagement [if they do!]. 

See y'all same place tomorrow!


  1. Our first anniversary is rapidly approaching too and as a fairly recently past bride I'd say these are some pretty fabulous tips!

    1. Thanks so much for the read! Glad you understand the struggle is real, ha!

  2. This is great advice that a lot of people need to hear! Thanks for sharing.


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