Wednesday, June 10, 2015

wedding wednesday.

So if you read my last wedding Wednesday post, I hope I taught you about how important budgeting is..if not, you can go back here and read it for my #1 recommendation when planning your wedding.

So #1 is BUDGET, then once you decide how much you have to work with and what aspects are the most important to you #2 will be obvious.

My #2 was VENUE/DECOR [one in the same sometimes], we started this wedding dream with dreams that were far exceeding our budget.

we started with this place:
I didn't have the best experience with this place, it never could fit my budget no matter how hard I tried. Buttttt you can ask literally anyone else because EVERYONE seems to be having their wedding there. We booked it in July 2013 and by February 2014, we realized that no matter how hard we tried, how much organs we could sell or blood we could squeeze out of our body's to muster up some 20's, we could not see paying the amount they were telling us we owed.

So in February 2014, we decided to get married at our church and have the reception at this place

.....a local Antebellum home [10 miles from our church]. I told you all that to say, in all honesty, it doesn't matter where you get married. I would consider what is important to you and I figured out that having it somewhere that was close to my heart was important and Tripp and I started going to our church together and joined our first marriage small group there and it was near and dear to us [not to mention great price!]. I talked last time that you can make any place as beautiful as you would like and you really can, just consider how much you can spend, get thrifty and have some of your creative friends join in [literally what we did]! The antebellum home was sweet for me because it was in a town that I spent the majority of my life and it was all close to our oldest family members so no one was having to travel too far that didn't need to [good quality to consider too]!

You may think in the magic of just being engaged that you need the IT! place of the moment or that you need the most eccentric ware house or huge farm, but honestly think of somewhere that is accessible and sweet to you and your fiance.

And here it is!! [wedding venue pictures]



CEREMONY: Our Old Church Location, The Church Revived..Now at a different location and a different name -
RECEPTION: Reid Brake House in Warrior, Ala
DECOR: Ivory Exchange Rentals [aka- our friends, Bret & Jillian]

happy wedding planning!


  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I've loved reading your posts! I'm not married or engaged but it's definitely fun to look at pictures and read about tips. Hope you have a great day!


    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate the read!


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