Thursday, June 11, 2015

our little lives lately...

what we've been up to this week?!

Friday- We had our niece and nephew over for a slumber party that included the park, a target trip [for a few toys, of course], an ice cream run and lots of playing.

{I've cleaned my table since then! #whew}
 {my girl, willow rhea}
 {cutest fella, Jaxon}

Saturday- Tripp and his dad worked in our yard {that's their summer project} and planted two hibiscus trees that I talked about in Monday's post.
and then this non-mom and non-dad took a nap because we were plum-tuckered from those sweet babies!

Sunday- We spent time with two of our own babies..Beau & Betty White. Bless them, they often get over looked compared to Toby because he is a constant inside dog and they are part-time outside livers.

{pre-hike #couldtheybeanycuter?! - said in a chandler bing voice}
 {during the hike #theyneedmorecardio}
 {she's alive, don't panic!}
 {post hike #praisejesusforthecreek}

 {if you wonder where Toby was, welll.... #hesanoldman}
{but we still love him!}

During this week- We hiked a little, worked a lot and we are just enjoying the summer so far {I live for hot weather and my husband sweats like a hooker in a church}.

{I need a pedicure and Tripp, poor baby needs some sun on his feet #coachproblems}

also I added an about me page, check it out! #learningnewthingsalways

What have y'all been up to?!

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