Friday, June 12, 2015

friday favorites.

it's friday favorites again! 

I eventually need some new tennis shoes, I have a lightweight pair of merrell's that are almost done and a pair I got two years ago when I was crossfitting that have almost met their life expectancy too. 
I have a wide range of what I like for my running shoes so these are the ones I am digging, too bad they are pretty expensive but a girl can dream.

I don't need a lot of clothes {of course, I always WANT} but I am literally down to like one pair of shorts. So I've been dreaming of getting these...all from Forever 21.

Ya'll this whole week has been filled with Gilmore Girls talk because they had a huge reunion and y'all, that just makes my heart so full. My mom and I love that show and definitely miss it.

Here is an interview with the cast, I just LOVE them! 
Gilmore Reunion

 These songs...

Now I'm strictly a Lakeshow fan for life, but we haven't had much of a team the past two years at least and I couldn't be less of a Lebron fan {Kobe>Lebron}. But when someone asks who I'm going for in this finals series, I say RILEY CURRY!


Happy Friday! What's y'all's favorites this week?! 

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  1. I was just in F21 and pretty much bought 4 pairs of shorts. They are just so cute! Thanks for the GG interview. Day made. Thanks for linking up!!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Love your blog. Jealous you got those shorts, love me some F21 summer clothes!

  2. Please come raid my shorts collection. I need to clean out my closet so badly! Ha! Gilmore Girls is my favorite. I love all the pictures and videos of them online lately!

    1. Girl, I'm gonna need those shorts! Lol thanks for the read and comment!!


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