Monday, June 15, 2015

what's on #5 with a side of exciting news!

I'm dragging this Monday morning! 
It's week 5 for my What's On series and it is wish list. I went over a few of my wish list items on Friday, shorts and shoes so add those to this list too! 

My needs {wants} {{wishes}}...these are the big items I'm dreaming of {I dream big, y'all}

I have always had a hand-me down dryer but one of these days I'm gonna get me a spankin' brand new one and this one is at the top of my list. I do think hairdryers are really important to keeping your hair healthy and I want long hair so that is a priority. [Did I justify it enough?! ha!]

 Tripp and I started biking as y'all can see in a few previous posts and we are currently using two bikes my brother and I had growing up like more than a decade ago...#thestruggleisreal

This is me dreaming REAL big, I love sectionals and these LOVESAC's are amazing. I dream of the day when Tripp and I can actually sit or lounge together. The furniture we have now, Tripp got for free {so no complaints}. One day when we purchase furniture, we will be looking at sectionals. Right now, the way our house is arranged it could hold the second small one but the first one is too big for our current living room but a girl can DREAM! 
 With the biking we've been doing, we've been looking into other adventures. Kayaking is definitely next in line, we've found out that as much as it cost to rent two for a few hours, we could actually just buy two and it will be cheaper so add two of these babies to the list! 

Also, paddle boards! Before we even think about kids, we want to do as much as possible so we've looked into these too. 

I've always had like the $4 ear phones from Ross or TJ Maxx but I purchased these for my husband for his birthday and he loves them. I wore them while I cut our grass this past weekend and it is pretty envy-worthy how great you can hear with them! {I would want a different color, obviously!}

And of course, some clothing wishes to end this question with the last dress is HAVE YOU EVER LIVED IN THE ALABAMA HEAT?! I love the flowy-ness of it, but hunny, I would die wearing that in this heat! 

And some activewear wishes! Enjoy! All of these are from Forever 21 [wallet friendly!!!] 

What is on y'all's wish list?! I need some more ideas! 

PS. For some exciting news, Tripp and I received some an invitation to be GODPARENTS to our friends, the lovely Moore's baby girl [coming in August!] and we accepted [of course!]! We could NOT be more excited, appreciative and just overwhelmed with joy that someone would consider us for such a big role in their child's life. Sydney is about to have her world rocked with love! 
PSS. You can tell we didn't know we were going to be asked by how great we looked, right?! #forgiveus 

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  1. I share your love of sectionals! I got a brand new one for my apartment and I LOVE it! Maybe I'll have it on my blog one day :)

    Have a great day!



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