Monday, January 2, 2017

what i've.. +giveaway

  • been listening to: Say You Wont Let Go- James Arthur + House of Cards- Tyler Shaw

  • been watching: Arrow! I'm 2 episodes away from finishing it on netflix and now I have to wait foreeeeever for season 5. #olicityforever
  • been loving: Starbucks is literally my favorite place to go for many reasons: 1]COFFEE, 2] the baristas are seriously always so nice at the one in my town 3] I've had the person in front of me pay for my coffee SO many times and it's the best 4] the app gives me a free coffee every 125 stars and it always feels like a treat 5] I recently had a coupon for a free coffee just out of nowhere and that was so refreshing 6] I've never had a bad experience at a starbucks #YAY
  • been hating: the HOTT, humid weather in Alabama in December #gross
  • succeeded at: being a sloth during this break, being sick makes me extrrrrra slothy.
  • failed at: well this is cooking, obvs. Lately I've tried making buffalo cauliflower (it was no bueno), roasted zuch+squash {how do you fail at this but I did} + stuffed peppers [very soggy]. #HELPME
  •  been drinking: hot water+lemon in the morning before my coffee has been surprisingly refreshing.
  • been wearing: LIPSTICK, y'all. I have found a shade and a brand that I'm loving. 1] it's more of a gloss which is totally what I'm used to 2] it lasts ALL DAY 3] I love the color that I have found. Am I officially an adult now?! Details: Lipsense is the name + Bombshell is my color game. ++even more exciting I am GIVING AWAY one free Bombshell kit --so just comment on this post with your favorite drug store beauty product + I will pick a winner on Friday! If you're interested in learning more about Lipsense, I don't sell it but I have a friend that does, facebook group  Get added + see more colors available!

What have you guys been up to?! Yay for a new year, let's kick major 2017 butt!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gilmore Girls Reviewed

hi babes!
I really took last week to just reset and relax, sometimes the holidays are really hard without my brother and life just being different so mental health is my #1 priority for survival purposes. I relaxed, spent a lot of time with Tripp, my mom, Tripp’s family, our puppies, etc. I did visit my brother’s grave on Thanksgiving and it’s never like this widely beautiful moment that I always imagine it being, I don’t cry and then have this nostalgic moment before our send-off. I go, I see, I make dumb jokes to bypass the pain and then we leave. The usual for me.
But I am here this week, back to normal. We had a pretty chaotic Sunday so I didn’t get my Monday post out but I am here to you on a Wednesday and there is no place I would rather be. I am talking about an issue that is BIG in my life and that is TV! As you MUST know by now, Gilmore Girls had a revival this weekend and it was quite the deal in our house.
Mom + I had plans to make a big to do of it, especially since it was so close to mom’s birthday so we could celebrate with our favorite gals. Well the night before, we decided we couldn’t wait and we got up at 2am central when the episodes were posted..put our GG shirts on with our jammies and binged. I have SO much to say about it + even if you aren’t a GG fan, well you still may enjoy my color commentary so stick with it.
 [our shirts]

We began our binging at 2am with gas station donuts, cheetos, pop tarts and last but definitely not least, COFFEE!! We made it through Winter {Episode 1} and part of Spring {Episode 2} before we took a quick siesta. {Tripp gave up 30 minutes into it, he’s only watched the first 2 episodes of GG ever so not really a time to then skip to the revival} We got back up around 5am + started again with MANY bathroom breaks, more coffee+snacking then we finished exactly 12 hours later at 2pm. IT WAS EVERYTHING. I love nothing more than a revival/reunion of my favorite shows. [Sorry no pictures, y’all, I am not your average blogger..We were in our jammies, ZERO MAKEUP, gas station food..y’all don’t need to see that]
I am very against letting a good thing go, I want it to stay around FOREVER. Not quite sure what that says about my personality but nevertheless, that’s how I am.
We have reached the portion of the blog where I give my is hard for me to be objective to things that I truly love but I am going to my very best to not just say..I LOVED IT ALL! 

In no particular order, my thoughts on the GG Revival-
                -The opening was perfect: snow + “That felt good”
                -I love that everyone is back from Lane+Kirk all the way to Reverend Skinner doing the wedding
                -Logan is a major babe + I don’t hate that she is with him
                -I do hate that he is engaged + ugh Paul, go away
                -The musical number was 9 minutes too long [10 minutes total]
                -Luke’s speech in Fall=swoon!
                -Jess is pretty + I totally find his character more idyllic for Rory in the revival
                -Dean is + always has been the BIGGEST BABE [love the cornstarch throwback]
                -All the music is perfection, especially the wedding song [Reflecting Light- Sam Phillips]
                -Hi Mr. Troubadour, missed ya!
                -The Musical Number in Summer is my least favorite part
                -Wait the musical number wasn’t my least favorite part, I forgot about the one night stand with Wookie
                -Lorelai’s fridge is giving me life!
                -I kinda love that Rory doesn’t have her crap together because lordy, I sure don’t [super relatable]
                -I want to go to LONDON so bad!!!!!!
                -I wish I had enough money to do “Wild”
                -I want Hep Alien to go on tour and specifically come to Bham
                -Paris is my spirit animal!
                -Lorelai’s song about her + her dog is so my mom
                -I love the Christopher+Rory awkward relationship
                -Michel being gay is one of the few things that makes complete sense in my life
                -I think grief is scary + that is helping me not to judge some of the decisions the GG's have made during this revival
                -I’m okay that Luke+Lorelai don’t have kids, they have Rory + April + that feels like enough
                -“You should find my bedtime rituals endearing by now, what’s taking you so long” is me to Tripp in life!
                -Let’s all be honest that Doyle+Paris will work things out + get back’s destiny
                -The stress tap dancing is so bizarre but also, probably something I would do
                -I.MISS.RICHARD. [life is unfair]
               -The ending makes complete sense to me + I kinda loved it

That pretty much sums it up! What did you guys think?! Let's talk!! 

Friday, November 18, 2016

LOL weekly favs

hi beautiful friends!

It's been such a long time since I've done a Friday favorites but I'm ecstatic to be posting because this is always a peppy little post in maybe what can be a long week!

I've had "It Ends With Us" requested from the library for a few weeks now since hearing rave reviews and it finally came through this past week! I don't know if I just didn't pay much attention to what everyone was saying that the book would be about but I went into it thinking it would just be love a story...holy poop. I read it in ONE day and when I finished I spent about 20 minutes sobbing into a towel. It wrecked me and I loved it. Growing up with domestic violence I was just completed destroyed by this story and how relatable it was to my heart. GET IT. READ IT. NOW!


Gilmore Guys..I mean is there any other better way to gear up for next Friday's release then listening to these guys?!


I do love a good subscription box and this one fits the new crunchy side that I've been embracing recently. You can join at anytime and always receive the box in order of 1st Month- Detox, 2nd Month- Nourish and I believe the 3rd Month will be Pure. I seriously look forward to it!

linking up!

I've loved having a week back with you guys! See you Monday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

26 before 26

So the blog has a LOT of updating to be done. I am 26 and more than likely didn't even accomplish half of my list...raise your hand if you understand not accomplishing goals. I do like goals and list making so I want to make sure my 27 is just a bunch of fun things and maybe even some things I've done before but want to repeat. Let's see where we are at....

1. implement saving into my budget- I'm gonna give myself a 100 on this. My husband is a huge help but we've saved and paid off several things this year.
2. get life insurance - BIG FAIL. I'm just lazy.
3. look into botox #notashamed Looked into it and it's not in our budget right now + my husband isn't sold on the idea. He's all about loving me as I am..precious, right!?
4. make a bed time of at least 10pm on weekdays I may need 2 cups of coffee to get my day started but I wake up at at least 7am even on weekends now which means I have a much earlier bed time.
5. learn to love my body in whatever shape it may be - FAIL
6. eat fast food a maximum of {3x a month} FAIL
7. meditate 5 days a week FAIL
8. learn to wear lipstick FAIL
9. do yoga 3 days a week FAIL
10. read 1 book a month- I did read more books than usual which I need to update y'all on but not near 12 books. I'm gonna say 5, maybe which is better than the year before so YAY.
11. find a new hobby -I would say wellness has become a new hobby this past year in a huge way!
12. learn a new language -FAIL
13. have a date night at least 2x a month- Success! We've had several dates this year and I love each adventure with my boo.
14. lead a small group- Semi win? My work does a monthly bible study for women and it has been a blast to be a part of. It's new so we are learning as we go and I'm enjoying all of it.
15. open my business- Not what I had in mind when I put that on my list but I do officially own my own business!
16. become a tea connoisseur- hah, I have figured out loose-leaf tea! WIN!
17. grow Not A Mom- sad fail. I really love my blog and I hate that I gave up on myself in such a HUGE way last year. I hope I can stick it out and really stay in a somewhat positive headspace about myself.
18. get a facial {I've actually never had one}- Still didn't get one but I love me some at home sheet masks!
19. learn how to braid {sad but true, I don't know how}- NEGATIVE, argh
20. plant a garden- nope
21. whiten my teeth {it's an obsession}-I did some oil pulling but no actual strips or anything.
22. take a dance class - sadly no.
23. visit Lake Jackson, Ala {it's where they filmed Big Fish and I love that movie}- No but I did visit Dauphin Island, Ala which was a new place for me so I'm counting that as a win.
24. cut out sodas- SUCCESS!
25. get family pictures made-FAIL. It's so hard to do when you don't have kids yet.
26. volunteer somewhere I'm passionate about- I haven't volunteered but each month my work donates to one charity which I'm pretty proud of- we've done women's center, children's hospital, humane society and recycled cans.

so here it is my list for 27! My next birthday I will officially be older than my brother was when he passed away and I'm not sure how to feel about it. I definitely think it will hit me very bittersweet, I think about all the things he didn't get to see or do {which he was an introvert but still} I want to do things and I would like to think that he can see them and do them with me.

1. take a vacation with friends - we have something in the works!
2. take more pictures!
3. create a capsule wardrobe- {seems like this would fit me well with my budget}
4. go to a concert
5. get life insurance {it's the smart thing}
6. date my husband as much as possible
7. do a bible study
8. learn to accept life
9. embrace every season
10. eat significantly less sugar
11. take a class- in ANYTHING!
12. pay off 1 item
13. do 27 acts of random kidness [pay it forward type stuff]
14. unplug 1 day a month
15. fly in an airplane [never have, but am dying to!]
16. do a 30 day challenge of something
17. dejunk my house
18. get a tattoo {another one that is}
19. rewatch the wire and cry when I'm especially missing my brother {it was our show}
20. plant something
21. eat more veggies [my brother loved them!]
22. fight for my causes! {drug addiction, eating disorders, domestic violence & depression}
23. have more girls nights
24. do something scary
26. go to a comedy show
27. make something

so that's it, y'all! Let's see what happens. As I mark things off, I'll keep y'all posted. What are some things on your list?! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

still not a mom.

It's been a while on this lovely corner of my world and for that I have regrets but I miss it and would like to have a space again so this is my attempt back. Whether anyone is interested in it or will even read this is another story.

First things first, I'm the realest..just kidding. But for real, there is some obvious changes like the name to my page. It's not because I am here to announce anything but instead so my little corner can stand all the seasons of my life. I feel like "not a mom" was an accurate description of my life for a season but I shouldn't just blog about my life as not a mom. I want the whole thing, I want to talk about everything and see who may stumble onto this page and find somewhere to relate. Male, female, brother, sister, wife, husband, mom, dad, etc.

I want to start talking again about my depression, about our marriage, about life as a coach's wife, my career path, my relationship with God and so much more. I am in this headspace that I am trying to LOVE EVERY SEASON of my life. Whatever this season may look like because it is that. ONLY A SEASON. Good seasons, bad seasons, dry seasons, hard seasons, fun seasons, exhilarating seasons. I will be doing some heart blogs again, some link-ups with my favorite blogs, some fun blogs, some life lately and sharing an insight to what is going on my head. If you want to following along, I'm so appreciative of all the friends I have made through this blog's lifetime.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I'm comin' home and I have LOTS to update!!! 

C youuuu all soon! aka: tomorrow for a complete LIFE update! Read my blog tomorrow and I'll tell you the highs and lows of this life.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

back w/a side of sunburn

Hey beauties!

 It's time to talk beauty and skin tips! I love brown skin, I have done anything and everything to be tan, y'all. Tanning beds, Spray Tans, Self-Tanning Lotions, Vitamin D outside..well it finally bit me in the rear.

Two Fridays ago was my first day this spring/summer to have time to grab some sun and boy did I! Tripp and I were able to both have that Friday off and I remember stating, "I don't want to go home till the sun is down". Well apparently I meant that all too literal and after 8 hours in the sun with absolutely ZERO sunblock on. I have never been so roasted. Put me next to a lobster and you wouldn't be able to tell me apart.

At first, it was the shivers....I. So. Cold. from all the burn, then came horrific redness which I believed the worst part of it would be resulting in peeling skin for about a week..Oh no, no. I wish peeling skin was all I had to worry about. Unfortunately my face got so burnt that on Saturday morning I woke up and my forehead was completely swollen, looking so much like the predator it was scary y'all.
[i.e. my forehead]

So after mucho panic, I declared a weekend of indoors and I would begin trying all the sunburn remedies in which brings me to my blog today...what works with a sunburn..because y'all, I NOW KNOW.

[my proof..I could barely see]
[me recently in case y'all forgot]

Things I tried and How I rate them:

1|| Lavender Oil and Coconut Oil-   4 out of 5 *****
I assume the Lavender oil is meant to calm the burn and the Coconut oil is for moisture. I will say that the Lavender has a strong smell but when I put this on my shoulders, chest, legs, really HELPED and prevented peeling from being atrocious. I had small amount of peeling and it didn't affect the skin that turned into a tan after the burn. Unfortunately, not helpful on my face. I eventually just added the coconut oil on my face for the major dryness.

2|| Apple Cider Vinegar- 1 out of  5 *****
Did not help at all. Only burned worse, especially my face where skin peeled and left severe rawness. Ouchy!

3|| Witch Hazel- 2 out of 5 *****
The good thing about Witch Hazel is that there is no burn and no smell hence the one extra star compared to the ACV but as far as results...none.

4|| Preparation H-  3 out of 5 *****
My good friend told me to try this for the swelling face and yes, it felt funny on my face. As far as results, they weren't immediate but around 12 or 1pm the following face swelling went down. Coincidence or results...I'll say results to the PH.

5|| Icing - 2 out of 5 *****
I gave it more than one star simply due to the fact that it felt AMAZING on the burn but other than getting another burn from the frozen things I was placing on my results. I guess the added burn should actually take the extra star away now that I think about it.

So now that I've given my story and advice...have y'all ever looked like a lobster?! I definitely learned my lesson..and tan is NOT worth it! I'll fake tan from now on. What sun burn remedies has worked for y'all!??