Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays.

So I am taking a break from pinning on Tuesdays to link up with some of my favorite bloggers and bring you a non-mom version of Show and Tell Tuesday..

My hibiscus trees are blooming beautifully! 

 It looks like once upon a time the homeowners had a small garden, I hope to bring that back maybe in the fall. 
My baby, Tracy Chapman {Fast Car, get it?!}. She's everything! 

This is on the opposite side of the flower bed that Tripp ripped out a few weeks ago. I'm thinking of getting rid of everything but the full green shrubs. What do y'all think?!

 Our back yard will definitely be missed whenever we decide to move one day, it is huge. The dream is to fence it all in eventually. I had just cut the grass, see the lawn mower?! 

^^^^ Our patio needs some work. It normally stays messy until we have guests over or we decide to grill out. I have ideas but the outdoor is Tripp's area so I shall let the inner decor OCD diva go.

Tripp didn't want me to include this flower bed but it can really be beautiful when it flourishes, right now it has some grass and weeds. It's also a butterfly haven which is really sweet!

^^^ This is a tulip tree that blooms for like 4 weeks in the whole year but when it does...it is BEAUTIFUL!

I think the plan is to get rid of most of the back yard shrubs because they have just taken over. We think our porch got hit by the tornadoes that hit Birmingham in 2011 so it needs some handyman work to it too.

That's all folks! If y'all have any ideas or suggestions for our landscaping tasks please comment with them {we're self-admittedly young and dumb}.. check back tomorrow for a twist to the normal Wednesday.


  1. So much potential!!! Have fun in that great space! Thanks so much for linking up! :)

    1. Thanks so much for letting us link up! Love our blog!


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