Wednesday, June 17, 2015

what's in my bag wednesday

Hey y'all, switching up wedding wednesday {because it wears me out mentally, which should prove to y'all how tiring that whole actual process made me!} to bring you "what's in my bag wednesday"!

I recently started taking a medium sized gym bag everyday with me really because I prefer a tiny purse so I had no room to shove my barre socks, yoga towel, etc.

So I will show y'all....{drum roll} what's in my bag!

This is my bag, I love colors but I also think a black adidas bag is quite understated. This is the medium sized version, Tripp has the large and it has two side pockets to my just one. {I linked the big items in case you are interested in it. You can comment or message me, as well for details!}

I couldn't find this exact bag so I tagged some similar ones that are a good price: option 1 or option 2
{the side pocket}

Of course in my bag I have...ANOTHER BAG {the Russian doll version of bags}.
I didn't want all of these items just rolling around in my bag and this doesn't come with much pockets so I got this cute gold bag from my mom for Christmas and it was put to good use.

 Inside the gold bag is: baby oil {takes off eye makeup}, makeup wipes, tide to-go pen {I'm a mess, y'all}, Deo {hot yoga necessity}, lotion, lint roll {dog owner necessity}, balance oil & elevation oil {feeling blue or anxious, I rub these on my wrists or behind my neck}, bug spray {alabama necessity}, tooth brush and a water flavor packet.
I usually don't know really what workout I will do in the evening so I plan for either walking, biking, hot yoga or barre.

 {pink towel is my hot yoga mat & the other is my towel for if I shower at the gym}

a change of clothes {leggings: on sale now!}, barre socks and my tennis shoes {Reebok crossfit nanos link: here}

In the side pocket I keep: erin condren planne {link:here} , exercise/food diary {similar: here} & scented spray [because we need that after sweating, y'all]

Then finally my purse..which is really just a wallet because that's all it will hold but I love it and it's perfect for me! I can't find it but it is a sakroots that I got from TJ Maxx via my mom {I normally just end up with whatever bag she doesn't like, ha!} similar: here

What's in y'all's bags?! What am I mising in mine?! comment with suggestions or love! Check back tomorrow to see what's been going on in our lives lately!

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  1. Your bags are a lot more interesting than mine! Mine are so boring haha!

    Have a great day!



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