Thursday, June 18, 2015

our little lives lately...

Another Thursday edition of our lives lately...This past week{end} was busy with working, family and friends [[please keep Tripp's grandmother in your prayers, she was rushed to the hospital this past week]].

 The weather has been beautiful during the day lately [the alabama heat is NO joke tho, y'all]

Adventures of Tobes [We cut grass Saturday & everytime I would take a break, Toby would be in another spot in the house]

Sunday- We spent the day with most of Tripp's fam at the zoo. Seriously so fun getting to see our niece and nephew enjoy moments like that!  
{butterfly garden}

{me and my girl on the train #forgivemyappearance it was SO hot}

{we had to send this pic to my mom, DEBRA'S monkeys}
{poor elephant was missing his tusk}
{ice cream after a long hot day!}
{Uncle Al came over Monday, these two are always quite odd couple-y}
{Tripp wearing my eye mask while we take a nap}

 {walked into work yesterday to this mess which I did not make}
{my office which I clearly couldn't even get into yesterday}
{after tobes eventful day, he was in pain with his back so this is after a couple of pain meds}
That's all we've been up too lately! What about y'all?! Tune into tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

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