Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites

First, I want to start by saying I am most definitely keeping Charleston in my prayers & the families affected. Second, when I say families affected I am most certainly including the shooter's family, mental illness is a problem and we should not look at this person in such a negative way [he is a human being suffering and he has family that will always care for him who are suffering now, as well]. I will never stop trying to fight the stigma that follows Addiction and Mental Illness. Now onto....

This weeks FAVORITES! 

Favorite Article:  

Matthew Perry- Addiction Recovery
Okay, there is so much that I love about this article. Two of my favorite "friends" together and Matthew Perry being honored for his work in Addiction Recovery which I know has touched him and holds the biggest place in my own heart. Bravo Chandler!

Favorite Moment:
Definitely being asked to be godparents, it was just such an honor! We go to Sydney's shower in Atlanta Saturday so expect pictures next week! 

Favorite Quote: 

Favorite Video: 
I am such a TV nerd (I get it from my dad and brother) and I love love love this aftershow channel on youtube. I watch The Bachelor/ette, DWTS and SYTYCD episodes.

Afterbuzz TV

Favorite Song:
This week it is officially summer in Alabama and I am listening to some country!

Favorite Blog:
This week I found Sequins and Seabreezes and her blog is lovely, of course I am semi living vicariously through her. Fashion is on point so check her out.

Favorite Laugh:

Favorite Summer Trend:
I am diggin' this flamingo trend! These are a few items I found that I love for summer.
{found these lights at cracker barrel and just died.}

{this beach towel from forever 21  link:here }

{these CUTE flamingo studs, I am strictly a studs girl and I ADORE these! link: here }

{This Kavu Rope Bag in flamingo print! link: here}


So these are my favorites this week! What are y'all loving?! See y'all Monday for What's on #6! 

Linking up with my fav bloggers too!  link: meet @ the barre    link: momfessionals


  1. I like how your organize your favorites! Love all the flamingos! Have a great weekend!!


    1. loved your friday favs too! thanks for the read!

  2. Being asked to be godparents is amazing - congrats!
    Those flamingo studs are perfect - I want them!

    1. thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  3. I love how you do your favorites! And I absolutely love your blog. - Seri from

    1. thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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