Friday, August 7, 2015

another friday, more favorites!

hi friends!

So yesterday was the official last day of summer for Tripp so stay tuned for us settling into a routine and for the chaos and freedom of summer to be ending. I promise to be more consistent than the last two weeks I have just been enjoying time with him as much as I can but I will be doing a post Monday on our new routine for the next 9 or 10 months.

Glad to be able to join y'all for Friday Favorites! 


enjoying our last few free nights before we get back to reality! I love nights with this fella.

BIG BROTHER, y'all! #teamjames
and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! #mysummershows

This one is for Tripp so he can get pumped for his first day back! 

{it has bad language so don't listen if you have young ears near.}

Tripp showed me this one night and it was prettttty entertaining!  

There are things I want and things I need of course. I need some tennis shoes, I want some new tops for all the football games I'm gonna be going to. So this is a longer list than normal for wants:  

I saw this recipe sometime last weekend and just had to try it. I love a good broccoli salad and this one was pretty good for my first try. I'm excited to give it a go again! recipe here

Check back Monday and I'll show y'all our new schedules and what happened during our weekend!
[warning: I'm running a 5k Saturday night and I have not trained at ALL. so should be interesting. stay tuned.]


  1. No Flex zone used to be my jam! hahah It's such a ridiculous song but so catchy! Happy Friday, friend!


  2. I love those shoes they are so cute ;) I love bright color shoes!!
    Chelsea @

  3. That song always makes me laugh. :) Love your wants...those shoes look super fun and would be a great motivator to get working out.


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