Monday, August 10, 2015

professional weekender

happy monday friends! I am late today due to having a long list of errands this morning! I started my crock potting mission and it was Tripp's second day back to work [no kids yet].

We had a great weekend but not too busy. I have some pictures to share! If you haven't yet, follow me on periscope, I periscope'd alot this weekend - @_Lindsayotis or LO. It's under my twitter name if you follow me on there.

To start our Friday was spent watching our two favorite kids!
We play doh'd and danced until we worn out

Then Saturday involved a lot of cleaning and finally our 5k! Okay, I was super nervous but luckily I had read that it was not a serious one, only for fun and it was that!  I highly recommend the Foam Glow 5k for fun [I repeat not a serious 5k]. Some people there were trying to take it way to seriously and it clearly is just a fun thing!
pre-glow foam madnes
post-glow foam madness

then I had 2nd day glow foam pink hair #blondeproblems

Sunday was spent making sure we were prepared for the week and I do believe we are!

That was our weekend! Tomorrow I'm showing y'all our new routines and goals for this month. Glad to be back with my blogger fam! 



  1. Yay for your 5k!! I can't wait to sign up for one after I have my baby!!

  2. I want to run a 5k! Looks like y'all had fun!

  3. I just ran yesterday and my blonde hair is pink too! Can you tell me how long it took to get the pink out of your hair? Thanks!

    1. Oh girl! It took me a week to get most of it out! I just washed it several days and then I heard to use dawn soap or baking soda, so I did both several times and that did the best job so I highly recommend going to get some today!

    2. Thanks for the tips!
      How did you apply the baking soda to your hair? Just sprinkle it on and then add water and scrub?

    3. Not sure if you've already gotten it out but I just put a handful directly on my hair, mixed in with the soap and without the soap. Also, deep condition after because mine got severely dry!


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