Tuesday, August 11, 2015

routines and questions.

hello beauties!
I am semi-back on my normal schedule, day 2 of a full week with Tripp back at work and lives back to the no-more-summer feel. Tripp and I are really trying to get some routine to our lives for this school year and we tried starting this week. I am REALLY interested in people's routines, like what do they do in the morning's before work? what's your after work routine? I'm always looking to better mine, because I feel like I never have a really fine-tuned routine [also apparently I'm gonna say routine 49809923 times in this post!].

Soooo before you guys can tell me what y'all do that helps your mornings or afternoons, I will tell you what we are trying to implement [the gym seems to be the hardest thing to add currently with my crazy work hours]. I usually work 3-4 days a week and currently the hours are around 9:am-6:pm and I may have mentioned before I am not a morning person, I repeat NOT a morning person. I am trying to learn to be because I do think that's an important thing and I know I can learn to be.

So starting out: 
[what we look like when we are writing to you guys in the wee hours]
Tripp is way more of a morning person than I am so we both wake up around 4:30-4:45am. Tripp heads to the gym, Toby and I head to the recliner where I TRY to wake up and talk to you guys. Sometimes I drink coffee, sometimes I drink an energy drink..it just really depends. [Coffee is a big occurrence when cold weather hits but in the summer it's a hit or miss thing.]
So first question, what do you guys do to help you wake up? Should I make a point to drag myself to the gym first?! 

After blogging, I have my bible study time prepared [currently have Hosea from shereadstruth to try]. Tripp and I are trying to make EFFORTS in our faith, it's been a hard time since last year was so difficult for us and struggling with faith makes going to church even more of a struggle [especially when you don't feel you fit in at church]. Add breakfast and that's my morning from around 4:30am-6:30am, normally I eat cereal...cereal is literally MY FAVORITE.
 Second, what is a quick, easy, healthy breakfast that you guys choose?! What's some recommended bible studies?! 

Before shower, I'm trying the whole crock pot thing to make lives easier and tummy's full. Yesterday morning was my first go and it was nice to have a meal cooked by the time Tripp got off and he was starving. I am trying to find some different recipes [PLEASE RECOMMEND YOUR FAVS]. I tried this one last night, it was good but not GREAT so back to the drawing board for more.

Then it's shower time and get ready time for work...seriously work is the same normally and I get done with work in the Fall anywhere from 4pm-6pm so it really depends on what time I get off on whether I can go to the gym on work days [the last gym class is at 6:30pm and I'm around 20 minutes away so].
YAS preach! 

Then it's home time to try the crockpot dish, catch up on the DVR and before we fall completely asleep, Tripp reads a joint bible study we are doing "When Couples Walk Together".
What marriage bible studies have you guys tried that you recommend/enjoy?! 

So I have plenty of questions, excited to read what all you guys do to wake up and start your day. 
 See you beautiful people back here tomorrow for Wednesday goodness! 

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  1. Ahh! I love this post. I love seeing how other people get their routines down (specifically with the transition of seasons upcoming...). You're not alone in this post! I may not be as early as a riser as you are, but I am striving to become an early riser. I am a junkie, I NEED coffee first thing in the morning (love how I time my machine to go off almost as a second alarm right as I am heading into the shower), and then bam... fresh hair, fresh java, I should be decently awake enough to go! I have so much more to comment here, but I don't want to overwhelm with a book of a comment. E-mail me, I feel like we have similar questions and routine struggles! #thestruggleisreal

    Clare | Understated Classics

  2. Mornings are the WORST!!! When I figure that out, i'll let you know. Ugh, sigh.

  3. I've been trying to get up early too (5-5:30) but am DREADING when it's dark in the mornings again this fall/winter because I think it'll be so much harder. I'm also addicted to coffee haha!

    1. So agree, the darker the harder! ah! glad you can relate!

  4. Okay, I used to be like you and couldn't do mornings. But now I totally am...like wake up at 5:15 most mornings kinda morning person! The key is you have to train yourself. What really hooked me is being productive in the mornings. I couldn't imagine going back.

    I completely understand your struggle with your faith. I'm new in my faith. A huge step for me was finding my church. They post their sermons online and they stream them live. I would really encourage you to check one of them out. I really think you'd enjoy it! http://elevationchurch.org

    1. thanks lady! I can listen to things at work so I may have to turn on some of their sermons while I work. I've heard alot of things about that church too!

  5. I LOVE hearing about others routines, too. I am an early bird, even though I don't always want to get up, I always have a better morning when I do. I have some really good, easy crockpot recipes that I will have to share! Instead of a massive comment, email me and I will let you know. :)


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