Tuesday, March 10, 2015

life lately

hi y'all! 

Trying to figure out blogger is quite the hassle, I have to admit that WordPress is so far easier to function but bear with me and we will go places on this page!

Life lately: 

 I have really been putting a lot of energy into exercising, I bought the book "Grief Healing Techniques" a few months back and it has some helpful suggestions. I am a physical type person, so any to-do list or how-to scenario is right up my alley which is how this book is laid out. I would highly recommend it to someone experiencing grief. It talks a lot about making some changes in your life and being physically active as possible. I started back karate in December but it was a sport that I had only done with my brother which did bring up a lot of emotions constantly because I had never done it without him by my side. I decided in January to take a break, give it some space and try to come back when I was ready because karate truly is a passion of mine and I know with some time I'll be able to do it and honor my brother's legacy through karate which was a similarity we always shared.  It can get discouraging to be almost a year from his death and still struggle for periods of time but finding different outlets has been beneficial and I hope I can give some ideas to anyone in the same boat.

Fast forward to now....I signed up for Pure Barre (which I had previously tried) and Hot Yoga (which I had always wanted to try) and I LOVED them so currently I am doing both of those around 4-5 days a week. It truly helps to exhaust myself on something positive and allow myself to feel happiness and accomplished at the end of the day. I am already seeing results on week 3, I can now touch my toes (I have never been able to do this in my entire life! yay!) and my clothes are fitting better. I think anyway you can feel accomplished at the end of the day ultimately helps with grief.

I've never been physically active where I get to dress cute so doing these two activities have really been a treat. It sent me in search of work out clothes...so far the cutest I have found in my budget range were Old Navy and Fabletics (Kate Hudson owned, SHE'S MY LITERAL FAV). I am in love with any printed legging currently. ADORE ADORE ADORE.

 "Grief Healing Techniques" I am also starting the She Reads Truth "Esther" series. If you don't know about She Reads Truth it's a GREAT app (iPhone and android) for any female that is looking for a bible study. 

We are less than a month away from the 1 year anniversary of Micah's death and this past week my mom and I decided to do something in honor of him that weekend. Micah loved the outdoors so we are looking into planning a one night camping trip...any ideas on camping or suggestions please let me know! Micah often went camping with his friends and I know he would love this idea...well he would probably say it was gay...but secretly appreciated it. :)

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