Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hi y'all,

I moved my blog to BlogSpot because it seems like the cool thing to do, also I am hoping to make this a more general blog. As I navigate my way through this grieving process I really want to be able to let you in on how certain aspects are but at the same time not letting my grief define me. I have so many more things going on and while grieving is a huge part of my life the past 10 months I would like to make this a blog about my life in general so I can post more and have a variety of topics to cover on here. I am newly married and I have found that a lot of blogs are mostly about parents/parenting, I thought being a newlywed would be an interesting topic to post on because I understand parenting is NOT easy but I am not even sure if I am supposed to be one and I would like the ladies that are in the same boat as me to have something to read/relate to (totally ending this sentence in a preposition, sorry bout it).

I have a multitude of interests and things going on in my life that I hope we can cover, ranging from grieving to being a newlywed to not relating to most women my age that want/have children. I have also recently (12/2013) graduated from UAB so you can follow me along the job search/figuring out what I want to do when I grow up(I'm already grown?! what?! when did that happen?!). I've been working for my mom's company my entire life but it's not my passion and she knows that (hi mom!).

Anyways, hope y'all stick around on this crazy adventure into the blogging world.


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