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After a somewhat busy weekend, I was forced (my monthly women's're welcome male readers..also if you're male and reading this...well this may not be the post for you check back next time and if you are male and dig this post..well, no judging) to stay in yesterday. It was nice, I have to say. I worked out 7 days in a row last week so I enjoyed my forced break. My body is still responding really well to yoga/pure barre. I haven't lost any weight yet (of course, my diet blows so) but I just feel overall better and happier. I read a lot of beauty posts from different blogs and I like to see the products that women rely on and try them myself to see if they can change my regime. Very few items have come into my life and rocked it for the better, but I thought I would share them with you guys. Also, some items I have just started using so stay tuned on any results. 

  • John Frieda Daily Nourishing - Leave In Conditioner. 
This item TRULY changed my life. I have used it since I was 17 and I try to go periods of time without (simply due to laziness) and my hair turns to crap. So I am now admitting that it is a NEED, if I was on a deserted island this would be one of my 3 items (mascara and chap-stick would be the other two..FYI). My hair is naturally oily so for all of you girls that relate, it does not, I repeat it DOES NOT make your hair any more oily. It keeps it soft and healthy looking and will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. 

  • FAVE4 Texture Takeover
 For all of you girls that love some body to your hair, especially if your hair is naturally flat and straight like mine this will be your BFF. Since I hit my twenties, I am becoming more like my mom in the hair aspect as I age. I need some fluff, long gone are the days where my hair sticks straight to my head. This is perfect for straight or curly hair and you can put it on when your hair is wet or dry or use for both. I heard about the FAVE4 company from a makeup artist on instagram, @jesssouthern. I also recommend you follow her and envy everything she posts. ...that's what I do anyway. 

Like I said above ^^^^ I am always trying different things on my hair but those two are my constant staples. At the end of the post, I'll add items I just started using so I'll post soon with results...good/bad.


  • Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation Powder-
Now I am constantly changing my makeup routine to find what better works but this has been my foundation powder since I was in high-school and besides the color change I will always use this for a matte coverage. My skin is acne prone and oily so I need full coverage and this gives just that. I sometimes add a little liquid foundation under it and always a primer. It leaves my oily face with a matte and smooth finish. LOVE love. I've tried to change but I always come back. My current color- Warm Vanilla (I.SO.PALE)

  • Arbonne It's A Long Story Mascara-
I have short eyelashes, God did NOT bless me in this department and while I am trying to get past that fact I have tried over a 100 different mascaras (okay..maybe a little dramatic). I recently tried Younique and unfortunately I just could not get it to work for me like in all the pictures so I found Arbonne. One of my good friends sells it and while she has long lashes naturally, this mascara works for both of us. It gives me length, I am not a huge fan of volume (too clumpy) and this is a perfect fit for me. I am also a BIG fan of Maybelinne Falsies, if you need a cheaper version.  I also use black so before you get on my case about how blondes should wear brown or blue-eyes should wear it. I love BLACK MASCARA and I am not ashamed. Lashes are my favvvv.


I love jewelry that matters and that is cute, my two favorite things :) these are items I am wearing on the daily here lately...besides my wedding rings of course ;) you can't copy those. 

  • Lily and Laura Bracelets- the colors are amazing and beautiful and they literally have them in all combinations of colors. I have the ones pictured, I am going to add some color to my arm but currently these are the ones I have. The best part? $10 each! 
  • Lokai bracelet- I love everything this bracelet represents. If you don't know about this company look them up.   

  • All The Wire- If you are needing personalized jewelry, these are the BEST. I got my mom and I both personalized necklaces after my brother passed and I was not disappointed. They do bracelets, necklaces, etc.  Not bad prices either.

  • Half United Necklace- I love jewelry that looks tough and by purchasing this you give someone in need 7 meals. It came in my fabfitfun box, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE (my fav of all the box companies).  


  • Advocare Spark Fruit Punch- Spark is amazing, it helps me drink water (so not a fan of water, I don't even try to fake it) and it helps me kick my caffeine intake down a notch. I am a self-admitted caffeine addict, it is a refreshing way to get my morning going without the horrible aftertaste of coffee...(yes. yes. coffee and I are on a break..don't worry, coffee knows). 

  •  Pure Barre- As I mentioned in my last post, I started Pure Barre and Hot Yoga recently. I am on week 3 and it is continuing to rock my body and give me more energy. It is a fun way to get my work out and I have found a new love in Barre Fitness.
  • Kiva Hot Yoga- It is an acquired taste but I have to admit I do love it. I have never been flexible in my whole life, not even as a child. I am already able to touch my toes and balance like I have never been able to before, and it is as calming and zen as they make yoga out to be and I love every second. My studio had Glowga this past Friday (Hot Yoga with black lights) and it was so fun! We all dressed in items that would glow and the women used glow-in-the-dark paint. Can't wait to do it again the end of April, I love the community that my yoga studio has, it reminds me of a Crossfit gym without all the weights dropping and screaming. new items I am trying.

  • Yestotomatoes- This is the acne prone line from the YESTO company. Just started, stay tuned. 

  • Arbonne Night Repair Creme- Yes I started using aging products, it feels amazing on my skin, stay tuned.

  • Mario Badescu Silver Powder- This came as a recommendation for black heads/acne, I've used it twice...stay tuned. 

  • L'OREAL Paris Blow Dry Quick Dry Primer Spray- Blow drying my hair is a pain and I hate it. Hoping this really does what is says on the know the drill, stay tuned.

PS. I am learning more about customizing my blog, etc so as the blog grows..the pictures will get better (promise) and more professional. Just bear with me and you can say you were with me way back when. I think I will start doing a recommendations check-in every Monday/every other Monday. This was fun. Hope it helps. Let me know what products you CAN'T live without.  

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  1. Very few items have come into my life and rocked it for the better, but I thought I would share them with you guys. Also, some items I have just started using so stay tuned on any results.


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