Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesdays

hi marvelous friends!

While I am ready for a lot of changes this new year, one thing that won't change is my love for link ups! So today I am linking up with momfessionals for Show & Tell Tuesday - Reintroduction and Resolutions.

I'm sure you guys all know me byyyyy now but I'm Lindsay [also known as: Lindsay Grace, LG, LO, Graceface, Baby G...basically I answer to anything] and I was born in Birmingham, Alabama in the year 1990 [way back when]. I was the youngest of two with an older brother, Micah. We were both home-schooled, me for the full 12 years and most people are surprised because yes y'all, I am still social! In school, I was constantly doing things with 4-H [public speaking contests], karate, baton classes, horse back riding, cheernastics [which I was horrible at] and scuba diving to name a few. I am forever thankful for my mom for making sure I was busy because it made my teen years some of the best!

After high-school I attended Wallace State where I was on the Wallace State News for 2 years before I transferred to the ole University of Alabama at Birmingham [UAB] where I graduated with my degree in Communications/Journalism. During my time at Wallace State, I met a fella named Tripp Otis from my boyfriend at the time....yes, you read that right. Don't worry, Tripp and I were strictly friends until my boyfriend and I broke up.
During my senior year at UAB, Tripp and I had been dating for 3 years when he proposed and a year later we got married! I feel like most of you know by now so I'll make this short and sweet, but a few weeks after our engagement we decided on the date of 07/19/14 to get married. During the year that we were engaged: we had to figure out to pay for a decent sized wedding, my brother passed away unexpectedly, we lost friends, family got mad at us, Tripp lost his job and that was in the matter of like the 15 weeks before the wedding. We were so fortunate to find out that Tripp got a job on our honeymoon which is where is still at and absolutely loves it! During this WHOLE time [since elementary school] I have been helping my mom at her job which became my full time job when I graduated college. It's not my dream job [she knows this] but it's where I am for now [stay tuned]. Okay so Hi, that's me and that's a summary of who I am! I started my first blog which was called Always A Sister to express my feelings of my brother's death, I discovered I love to write and express myself through a blog which made me create this little space, Not A Mom. You may be wondering about the name of blog and I talked about that here so check it out. 

Now on to my current favorite subject: 2016! 

1. Dig Deeper Into My Faith- 
I've really accepted that as much as I've been fighting faith since my brother died, my faith is the reason I am still here. I will pray more, dig deeper into God's word, meditate on it and we are really hoping to gain fellowship at home church. 

2. Improve My Health-
Working out makes me happier than anything else. It's almost like pure ecstasy for me after a work out. I've accepted that I get bored too easily to join just one type of class so this year I will be taking all sorts of class to keep my work outs interesting. Also, stop eating JUNK. I have the worst diet, y'all.

3. Morning Routine-
I am on day 2 of waking up at 4:30am and it's hard. #21daystomakeahabit

4. Speak Less-
I am a big talker [communications major, y'all] and it normally gets me in trouble so I will not talk as much, which also means speaking up to take up for people which is my kryptonite.  

5. Be Less Idle-
Normally if I'm off, I am a BIG homebody [my christmas break for example] but I really want to get out there and do this year. I've been searching for a word that will suit my year and I just decided that my word for the year is DO. 

These are just a few intentions that I am going into my new year with, what do you guys have on your list?! Any that match with mine? How are you reaching your goals?! I always need ideas! 


  1. I love hearing more about you!! I love your goals for this year too. I'm with ya...my diet is horrible!!!

  2. this is fabulous!! i need to focus on my diet as well! cant wait to get to know you better and hope you check my blog out as well!

  3. Love the introduction at the top...oops maybe I should have included that in mine. :) I feel like I learned so much more about you in just that little blurb...what an insane year you guys had during your engagement! As for goals, I am totally with you on working out...I can 100% feel a difference in my state of mind when I am active as opposed to when I don't make it to the gym or out for a walk. I am definitely going to work on my faith as well. So excited to see what this year has in store for you!

  4. You were such a beautiful bride! I didn't know you were homeschooled.. I want to homeschool my kids and everyone is always like OMG THEY'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE A LIFE, but I'm meeting more and more people everyday who were homeschooled and are totally "normal".

  5. Love all of this! And I'm with you on speaking less. Sometimes my mouth gets me into trouble. Haha.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post! I just found this link up and am excited to join, also not a mom ;) Happy Tuesday! www.violetandblush.com

  7. Great goals and ideas, Linds! At the beginning of every year, my goal is to eat healthier, too (cliche, of course). As I might have said before, meal planning helps SO much! I also know I complain a lot about situations I can't help and people who annoy me... even friends who annoy me! I want to try and tone that down. Also being on my phone after I turn the light off to go to bed. All easy things if I put my mind to it!


  8. Loved getting to know you more!
    Here is my post...i haven't done goals yet, but this is my intro:

  9. loved reading more about you! 1990, you're such a baby ;) just kidding. i talk a lot as well, i've made an effort over the last couple of years to talk less haha. also, health is so important! i feel you on the diet, my diet can be so bad most of the time, i'm just working on one thing at a time trying to get better. good luck!

  10. Loved learning more about you! Girl you're waking up at 4:30 oh my gosh!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  11. Your wedding picture is GORGEOUS girl! And loved getting to learn more about you! Great goals for 2016!! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  12. Loved getting to know you Lindsay!
    I'm right there with you about starting a new routine and getting up early! A sweet friend from church has been sending me daily messages ensure I get up but also encouragement. May help if you have an accountability party that gets up at the same time! :)


  13. So great getting to know more about you, lady! I'm a fellow communications major, too! You looked amazing in your wedding picture!

  14. You are looking stunning. I just loved how you were there to greet your guests. I will tie the knot very soon at one of popular wedding venues NYC and would take care of my guests in similar manner. You are such a great inspiration to me. Thanks for the post!!


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