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gorgeous friends!

Last week I had some sinus-throat-strep wannabe stuff hit me in the face like a brick. After emergen-c, allergy medicine, peppermint tea and lots of throat spray, I am here! I think it was the weather changing for a few days or deep cleaning my basement with all the dust, either way it SUCKED. I literally HATE being sick and feel like I am a super big baby about it[another reason I should never get pregnant, probably] #hollaifyouhatebeingsick

 Aside from being sick #wahwah #whinecentral, this weekend included a night at my church's womens conference #sheis. It's always nice to be around other lady believers and the colors were black and gold which speak to my soul so that was another plus.

Then Saturday, I did some deep cleaning to our living room and we were gifted with tickets to the Alabama-Ole Miss game. Tripp had never been to a bama game so of course, we had to go! Now as you know, I am an Auburn fan {war eagle!} but I love my husband and going to an Alabama football game is really a crazy, fun experience {especially if you're not sick!} and I would recommend any football fan making a point to go to one of these games. It's a huge stadium, the fans are CRAZY and an 8:20pm kick off was quite an adventure {ps. we got home at 3:20am #weweredeadallsunday #weareold} There are no pictures of us because the humidity was RIDICULOUS and it was like 90 degrees at 9pm at night #soattractive. It also made me realize how tough southern girls are because we have to deal with humidity and heat while still trying to be cute the majority of the year, which I usually fail at 95% of the time.

Sunday included literally SLEEPING then dinner plans with my in-laws for some bbq and watching the Big Brother part 1 finale before crashing back into bed #superexcitingIknow Another thing on my mind Sunday night was Emmys fashion, now I am totally not one for BEST/WORST dressed, because who am I to say?! On that note, who is anyone to say?! Do these people have degrees in award show dressing?! #rantover

ANYWAYS, I definitely have favorites from last night and least favorites so I thought I'd share. I don't normally talk A TON of fashion but I am mixing things up here at Not A Mom this week. Share your favorites too!

Heidi, heidi. Homegirl has a rocking body and I just don't think this shows it off AT ALL. It doesn't look like it fits properly and it makes her look frumpy which she is totally not. Plus, it is just too casual for me going to the Emmys, if she wanted to wear it then I would've chosen it for the Teen Choice Awards.

Amy Landecker is gorgeous and her makeup is flawless....but this dress. I just don't think I could pull of this because I would look like I should be hanging as someones living room curtains. Eeek!
So after seeing this picture, I immediately googled Naomi Watts Pregnant and no she is not which means this fit is super unflattering. I don't quite understand it because she is TINY and I am not awestruck with her hair choice either...eek again!

Taylor is gorgeous and I LOVE her haircut. I wish her dress was literally A TOUCH longer but I love how effortless this look is on her! Yellow is a yes color for her skin too!
At first I wasn't sure about this dress, Taraji. Her hair and makeup game is ON POINT and the more I saw the dress the more I love it. I always love black but this dress is gorgeous and her overall look {accessories and everything} is flawless really.
So my overall absolute favorite for the night goes to.......

I hardly ever choose an updo over down but this is how you do an updo and it's perfect with her dress choice which is also jaw-dropping! Her makeup is always beautiful and I think the nude lip with the smokey eye is gorge with the black dress. Just love everything about it!

While I was working on my fashion favs, I ran across Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting [which is always a favorite person of mine] and her look on the Tonight Show last week is SO something I would wear and absolutely adorable so I had to share. Y'all I've been freaking out over short cuts lately which will totally freak my husband out if he reads this ha {I'm not getting it cut, don't worry! #maybe} I couldn't find a picture but the back was out of the sweater which you can kinda see on her shoulder... LOVE! Adore the fit of the pants and the looseness of the top and her makeup game...GIRL! Killing it!

So that's it all the weekend random goodness for you today! Linking up with Biana from Bloved Boston for my weekend recap!


  1. Ahh so sorry to hear you have been sick - I'm so with you hate it the most and don't wish sickness on anyone!! Yay for football, boo for humidity, it's the worst right now in the South for you guys!! I didn't get to catch the red carpet yesterday but I love your picks for best dress and I love Julianne - she's the best!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So glad you're feeling better! Glad you had an opportunity to go to the game. Theres nothing like college football! And I agree with your best/worst dress choices!! Except I would add Kerry Washington :) And I love Kaley's hair and think it would look great on you!!!

  3. 3:20 a.m.?? Hahaha I would have been dead too... Yes to southern girls trying to look cute in the humidity...but it's just SO HARD!! Shiny face/frizzy hair...I know the deal :)

  4. Sounds like a long weekend! We have yet to go to a football game this year - we have been so busy and I think we can only make it to one game the NC State vs Clemson game on Halloween...should be interesting!

  5. Oh no! So sorry to hear you've been sick but glad to hear you're feeling better. And how fun you guys got to go to the game! I'm an Auburn fan and my husband is a Bama fan too! Although it looks like Bama is going to be the winner of this year's Iron Bowl if Auburn keeps playing like they are. I bet Bryant-Denny was crazy! Have a great week!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Yay for Sundays spent sleeping especially when you have been sick all weekend. I hope you are feeling rejuvenated this morning!! That's so fun that you got to go to Ole Miss/Alabama. It was definitely an experience when I was at the Ole Miss game a couple weekends ago.

  7. Ugh being sick is the WORST! I 100% am a baby when I get sick so HOLLLLLA! I also hate having an upset stomach so the idea of morning sickness makes me sick [wow I sound like a baby, ha]. Glad you all had fun at the game, I am a Buckeyes' fan but would love to go to an Alabama game at home, it looks like a great place to watch a game.

  8. Hope you feel better!! I am going to have to look up Kaley on the Tonight Show! I always like her!!

  9. So glad you are feeling better! The football game sounds like a ton of fun. AND I loved watching the Emmy's...your favorites are definitely spot on. Julianne Hough is a favorite of mine...she just so so gorgeous! Loving short hair too...if only my hair would actually look that cute if it were short. Never comes out like in the pictures. :)

  10. hope you are feeling better!
    i didn't watch the emmys but oh my gosh what is heidi wearing?! ew.

  11. Being sick sucks! Glad that you are feeling better though! I can imagine that Alabama games get a little crazy! I think it would be a fun experience. Her hair is so cute too! I can't rock a short hair cut, they make me look like I'm in high school :(

  12. College football games are always fun! What a bummer you were sick, I hope you are feeling back to your normal self this week!


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