Tuesday, September 22, 2015

my love language is tv.

Hi darling friends!

As y'all know by now I am a lover of all things TV and if you don't know that well now you do! So I'm talking today Fall TV since I just set my dvr to record a new show tonight. Yes! It's that time of year! {PS. I know alot of people are probably commenting on "Wow, I don't have time to watch that much tv", etc. BUT tv is seriously a de-stresser {is this a word?!} and it's a hobby I love. so SHUSH and enjoy my picks ha}

Shows that are returning that I'm watching/dvr-ing -

How To Get Away With Murder - Starts this Thursday ABC
If you haven't seen the first season, go to netflix and binge STAT y'all. Also, Viola Davis just won an emmy for this role...HOLLA!

Nashville- Starts Wednesday ABC
Love it. Love country music. Love the actors {Hayden Panettiere, y'all!} and stories. LOVE LOVE. It's on hulu if you need to catch up before Wednesday.

Saturday Night Live- Starts October 3 NBC
This one I got from my husband because I never watched the show until we started dating but he loved it and I grew to love it. I'm not happy with the first host of the season being Miley because I'm so over her and she's overexposed but nevertheless it's always a fun show.

American Horror Story: Hotel- Starts October 7 FX
I mean dying. Can't wait. Counting down the days. This show is the definition of insane and terrifying and I LOVE IT. You will probably get tired of hearing about it the next few months but #sorrynotsorry

 Shark Tank- Starts Friday on ABC
Tripp and I are constantly trying to think of something so we can try out for this show. It's a favorite and will make you feel like you are doing nothing with your life fast ha!

 Last Man Standing- Starts Friday ABC
I love Tim Allen and it just makes me feel nostalgic to see him on tv plus it helps that this show is extremely funny!

The Mindy Project- on Hulu now
I love the first 3 seasons and it came out on hulu this week so I can't wait to start it and see what happens with Mindy and baby!

Shows I'm Giving A Try-

Grandfathered- Starts Tonight on FOX
I mean two words: JOHN STAMOS, y'all. Okay, that's 3.

Scream Queens- Starts Tonight on FOX
Tonight is the premiere! SO excited, I definitely have my expectations up! It's from Ryan Murphy and the cast is INSANE.

 Blood & Oil- Starts Sunday on ABC
It reminds me of Nashville meets Gossip Girl meets Dallas so SIGN ME UP!

Surprisingly I'm not a big reality show watcher in the fall. The bachelor/ette is off. I'm not into any singing/talent shows and big brother only comes on in the summer which leaves me with Dancing With The Stars so eh, ya know.

Hope y'all share some of my love for fall tv! 



  1. I'm a tv lover too! I would take tv over a movie anyway time! Also, I'm obsessed with Shark Tank hahah

  2. I cannot wait for Nashville to come back! LOVE that show! And I'm going to give Scream Queens a try too but I don't know if I'll be able to get fully into it or not. We'll see! Blood & Oil has me intrigued mainly because of Chase Crawford haha!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I am soooooo excited for fall TV!!!! NCIS, Elementary, NASHVILLE, CASTLE, yay, yay, yay! I really want to watch How to Get away with Murder, I've heard amazing things about it.

  4. oh wow, Mindy has a baby? I just started watching it not long ago and I guess I'm not all the way caught up lol. I'm excited that Doctor Who is back.

  5. So funny! I talked about TV shows on my guest post today. NASHVILLE rocks but i'm not caught up and don't have Hulu….so #struggles. I am also planning on watching Grandfathered just because of John Stamos! And we used to watch Shark Tank all the time in my Entrepreneurship class. It was the best. OH, I love me some TV shows.

  6. I am sooo excited for Grandfathered and I hope it's good! LOVE me some John Stamos! Speaking of, I can't wait for Fuller House in 2016! Eeks!

    We love Shark Tank, Bar Rescue, and The Profit (reality shows) but if you're looking for a couple new ones to binge on, go for Shameless (on Showtime, 5 seasons, season 6 premieres in January) and Mistresses (on ABC, season 3 just ended) They will SUCK you in and never let go. SO good!!!


  7. I love Mindy. I'm currently reading her book, "Why Not Me?" It's hilarious!

  8. I totally get it! I'm a huge tv/Netflix fan too! I completely agree that it's a de-stressor...I have a stressful job, so when I come home I want to relax and not think about it, so I watch tv! Do you watch Scandal?! If not, you must start it on Netflix asap! I also am looking forward to Nashville and How to get Away with Murder. I set my dvr for Blood and Oil too!

  9. I basically plan my days after work around what TV shoes are coming on! I'm excited about AHS too! And I don't know if you've ever watched Empire but the second season starts tomorrow, and it's really good too!

  10. I'm excited for so many of these shows. TOO MUCH TV starts this week :) I'm excited to see if we all like Blood & Oil.

  11. Oh boy, I am so excited for fall tv, too! SO pumped for Nashville. I LOVE Connie Britton and Hayden P. (I struggle with her name spelling). And that John Stamos show looks sooo funny. I cannot do AHS...I will legit have nightmares. But I am totally on board for trying out Scream Queens!

  12. I want to see Scream Queens, I haven't watched it yet but I am excited too!

  13. A girl after my own heart!!! I am SO happy that fall TV is back! I think my favorite premiere this week was Nashville - can't wait to check out Blood & Oil on Sunday!


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