Wednesday, July 29, 2015

what is up wednesday?

hi friends! It's what's up Wednesday time, hard to believe it's already the last Wednesday of the month y'all! I guess this week I am just destined for late in the day posts.

I am linking up with some of my favorite bloggers:  Larson Lingo, Pinterest Told Me To and Mix and Match Mama.

What We're Eating This Week-
Yes this beautiful image is our wedding cake topper from last year. When we got home from vacation we took a bite...well the frosting was still good. ha!  

What I'm Reminiscing About- 
one of my all time favorite nuggets turns 4 today which is just insane! I remember Tripp and his mom picking me up the morning she was going to be born and it feels like just yesterday. She has been so much fun and really brought a ray of sunshine int my life, being her aunt is so rewarding.

What I'm Loving-
This weather, am I alone?! I love me some summer weather, the heat is my favorite and it has been hot! I never want to complain because when it gets cold I am the first to complain!

What We've Been Up To-
Back to work for both of us this week. So between having piles of laundry, no groceries and working it has been eventful. Also, I mentioned my sweet granddaddy had a stroke a few weeks ago, well he gets to come home next Wednesday so praise report!

 Another prayer request, my cousin was diagnosed with bone cancer back in May and had a major operation today that will change his life but we are praying that it will help him in the long run. He is so young but so strong, please keep him in your prayers.
What I'm Dreading-
Tripp starts back to work next Friday full time and he will be head coach of Middle School Football, head coach of Varsity Wrestling and head coach of Varsity Soccer. So see ya next May, hubby!

What I'm Working On-
Did I mention piles of laundry? No groceries? Well that doesn't even begin for my pile of work that was waiting on me when I came back.  

What I'm Excited About-
I am excited about football games to support the hubby and finding things in the Fall that I can look forward to. I'm gonna try to do alot of new crockpot recipes [thanks to Lauren for the inspo] since we will both be working later and I'll have more motivation to go to the gym since he won't be home to later. Stay tuned for an exciting fall!  

What I'm Watching/Reading-
I am deep into So You Think You Can Dance, I think summer is my time to watch trashy tv because most of them are reality shows.

Tripp actually watches this one with me and we are #teamstreet. This was one of our favorites last week -

What I'm Listening To-
I am diggin' these two jams.

What I'm Wearing-
y'all I got this men's pullover from the nike outlet on vacation and I ain't even mad. I will live in it this fall. I didn't get a pic of me wearing it and this picture does not do it justice, I can't find where you can purchase it online anymore either :(. The men's large fits great because it gives that loose fit and goes long with my leggings.

Also, I finally got the Essie-Coconuts and Cocktails and loveeee it.

What I'm Doing This Weekend-
We are celebrating Willow Rhea's birthday [see above] but so far that is the only plan. I was able to finally hold and love on the godchild Sunday and I plan on doing that a lot more too! She's so small but so cuddly.  

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month-
Finding some things to keep me busy during the nights that Tripp is working, supporting him in football [go maddox panthers!], getting better with my exercise routine. Plus my bub's birthday would be August 17th and he would have been 28, I have plans to get a tattoo to celebrate so stay tuned.  [This picture was from his 25th birthday.]

What Else Is New-
Just getting into a new routine, I guess I'll always be sending someone to school every August.

What Will You Miss Most About Summer? 

What will I not miss is the question? I have so loved this time with Tripp, I think more than ever. We have made a lot of great memories, had many good talks, watched too much tv, took walks, rode our bikes, worked together, laughed together. I act like we're dying?! ha but I enjoy spending time with him where he isn't passed out from being exhausted.  


  1. HAHA at Hilary Duff. Oh, the memories! YAY FOR YOUR GRANDDADDY! Saying prayers for your cousin, though. I'm not ready for summer to end either.

    1. Ha gotta love some HD, I had her first CD when I was like 13 hah! Thanks for the prayers and reading!

  2. Yum - glad the cake was good! I'm with you - I can't get enough of everything and anything summer.

  3. Ahhh love that you're going to try the crockpot recipe! If you beat me to it, let me know how it is!

  4. I love the summer heat, too!! When it gets like 75 I'm complaining it's too cold. So sorry about gdaddys stroke. Thankful he has recovered. My FIL just had a massive stroke in May. It's a long road for him!


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