Thursday, July 30, 2015

thursday thoughts.

hey y'all! What is wrong with me this week?! I absolutely hate posting so late in the day, it just irritates me but I am just like 5 steps behind this week.

Today I am owning that I NEED something to look forward to or work towards.

Okay, so I am not sure if this is part of depression or just a character fact about myself but I do believe I get either seasonal depression or if I have something to really look forward [i.e. the beach trip] and it passes I get the blues. I've honestly always done it, as a kid I would get majorly depressed the night of my birthday or the night of Christmas because it was all over. I thought it was something you grow out of but I just work better if I have something to look forward to or something I'm working for. So I get back from the beach feeling kinda blue this week and my husband has finally learned this quirky trait and has gotten on board. I am such a fan of summer so that makes it harder, I get to see my husband and we get to have a normal marriage, I love the heat [LOVE], I love the clothes, I love being tan, I love the summer activities, the Crossfit games are in the summer, I just love summer.

So I am here today asking: What do y'all have planned for the Fall? Exciting Plans? Fall plans? Halloween? School? Football? 

I do find that if I plan some things out it does help me get out of the pit a bit more. So bring it on Fall 2015!

1] I've mentioned Tripp is coaching Middle School football so every Thursday night I will get dressed in my black & gold [so happy those are MMS colors] and root for those panthers!
2] Getting some Linds gym time! Tripp will get off a little later than me everyday so I will have no excuses for not going to workout either before or after work and it will take my mind off the lonely house scenario [last year I definitely got the bums of how often it was just me at home].
3] Football season. I am from the great state of Alabama and you are born picking sides [Auburn or Alabama], it really is a religion. I grew up with my bub being the biggest Auburn fan so last year was super hard for me and I basically blocked it out. Well I am going to give it a try again, it will be extremely hard but I am looking forward to making new memories. Maybe have a few football parties of my own? We'll see. I do love some buffalo chicken dip though!
4] Halloween- Tripp said we are actually dressing up this year. Last year we had a blast with our niece and nephew but we have never dressed up as a couple. So maybe we can add to the fun of it and be something that the kids will like. Any ideas? Should we dress up the dogs too?
5] Shows, shows, shows- By now y'all know I love some good TV! Lordy. Well of course, in September all of the shows start back fresh. What do I have coming up? How To Get Away With Murder. American Horror Story: Hotel. Dancing With The Stars. Last Man Standing. Nashville. What else do I need to add to my list, y'all?

Give me more Fall ideas! What do y'all have planned?! See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! 

[ps. just found this link up after posting and it totally fits so linking up with my of my favorites] 

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  1. Yes!! I love having something to look forward to – I need to too, ha! I’d die to get down to Alabama for a football game – we are so impatiently awaiting the start of college football season!


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