Friday, July 31, 2015

fri-yay favorites!

TGIF. for real. I've never meant it more. weekend! weeekend! weekend! I am currently at work on a Friday...draggggg. Short and sweet today peeps, it's been that kind of week!

Seeing this baby girl on her 4th birthday and shopping like I'm 13 again in Claire's with her.  

My pure barre membership runs out the end of August and I don't plan on renewing mostly because of price and I still have my hot yoga so I am excited to try out different at home routines and see what I like. I've heard that Linda Wooldridge is fantastic so stay tuned.


This was seriously my mother-in-law last week at the beach. ha!

I love a good e-card:

This article is super relatable to me and really funny too!

13 Graphs Anyone Who's Experienced Depression Will Understand

I also want to say a Happy Birthday to one of my favorites, Emily Loggins [I first typed Dowling but she's married now! ah I'm old!]. She was by my side for a few years and whenever I'm with her it's like no time missed, plus she's one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out! Love you Em!


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  1. That beach video is hilarious -- someone shared it on my FB yesterday and i was dying!


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