Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

It's the end of the month so it's time for What's Up Wednesday...if you read yesterday I accidentally started this post then because my brain is friedddd.

So linking up with some of my favorite bloggers to end out this month! 

What We're Eating This Week-
Well we are both sick literally last night we put together whatever we could find which ended up being a grilled egg cheese sandwich...yep, we're very creative. 
In my last post, I did share the Chia Seed Pudding I've been snacking on so I'm still snacking on that. 
 Also, everything kinda goes to crap around here when I'm sick, house work gets far behind, cooking is a forgotten task, I mean it's just plain sad.

What I'm Reminiscing About-
To a time when I wasn't sick...Look how healthy I can be

VS. now sicklyy..

Rough times.

What I'm Loving-

 Thank You Memorial Day Sales! Got this bathing suit for 30% off, obsessed with the top. #obsessed #obsessed
Saw this tattoo and have been in love ever since. I need it. Can't stop dreaming of it. 
What We've Been Up To-
We celebrated my granddaddy's 86th birthday! happy birthday granddaddy! my grandmother turns 87 on Friday so happy early birthday to her too! 

Me bossing my mom at work is a common thing you'll see ^^^

 << This is a new thing Toby has figured out how to get under the curtain so he can live vicariously through outside dogs. #dreambigbaby

Biking our usual trail >>> still loving it! 
I'm obsessed with anything that has a small trailer, airstream, rv on it. Found this gem at World Market and had to get it. #ignoremynails

What I'm Dreading-
I have most of the dreadful things over for a while, I would really just enjoy being healthy now. PLEASE

What I'm Working On-
Well all of my house projects are over for a bit. At work, we are gearing up for the 15/16 school year so I've been working on getting those papers ready. 

Also, I've shared about my struggle with acne for the past few posts and I've clearly been working on that. I started the Rodan + Fields brand [Unblemish] and for about a week now I have had a clear face..which if you have seen me [LORD knows I wasn't taking a "before" picture] then you know that's quite different from how my skin was for the past months. I will keep you updated but so far so good. I'm using Simple- Moisturizing Wash every other time, just because my skin can be sensitive and it's nice to give it break from the harshness of R+F. So like I said, they are both currently working..I've been using 
both for about 3 weeks..Stay tuned. 

What I'm Excited About-
Feeling better so I can get back to....

What I'm Watching/Reading-
 This book has been really beneficially, it gives 6 steps to overcome depression without medication. It tells how medication works for such a small percentage of people suffering and sometimes that can make depression worse, when you're taking medicine and that's not even helping. This book explains that Sunlight, Exercise, Omega 3s, Engaging Activity, Social Support and Sleep. I've recently been adding more Sunlight [I stopped the tanning beds, y'all], started taking Omega 3s and working on my Engaging Activities.

[[Sidenote: I have nothing against antidepressants. I have myself tried them, I just didn't reap the benefits which is a disappointment when you want help this bad. I can honestly say nothing has helped me quite like exercise. It's hard to get the energy when you're suffering to go but when I do I just flourish, I can honestly say that.]] Plus I have added the essential oils so curious about how all that will work out.

Okay, I'm gonna try not to rant on and on about this book. I started the Christy Miller books when I was 12 years old [Literally, almost 13 years ago]] and it has helped me more than anything I have ever read [bible studies included]. Christy Miller grew up with me and what's so great is that even now, married and 24, she is relatable to me. Robin Jones Gunn just released the 2nd series to The Married Years and I am captivated again. Y'all seriously don't even understand how much these books mean to me.

The past two weekends have been all about them Crossfit Regionals and this is the last one until the games..
This week I'm hoping these people make it [[still suffering the loss of Josh Bridges and Matt Chan]]:

 Rich's Team [Crossfit Mayhem Freedom]
 Scott Panchik
 Sam Dancer
 Stacie Tovar

Graham Holmberg

Also, I'm on epsiode 4, season 1 of...

What I'm Listening To-
Currently Skip Bayless talk about Game 5 of the Warriors/Rockets game.. You can tell my husband is off for the summer!

What I'm Wearing-
Y'all I'm sick..y'all do not need to see my jammie collection. 

What I'm Doing This Weekend-
Besides watching the Regional Comp for Crossfit.. I'm actually dying to see this movie ->


What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month-
Well like I said, besides [football+wrestling] practice my husband is off for the summer and we hope to get to be able to very active. We have kayaking, paddle boarding and biking on our To-Do list for next month, plus we need to get our basement under control so cleaning and organizing that. I hope to get in alot of family and friends time too! I signed up for a young wives small group called Unveiled that starts on June 1st so I am excited for that, I will not know anyone so that's always refreshing to meet a group of new ladies. Girlfriends are seriously everything in this world.

What Else Is New-
What is y'alls thoughts on a humidifier?! I'm seriously considering putting one in our bedroom if that will help my immune system. I can't be like this all summer.  

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Grill In June?!  [Question of the Month]
We've already been grilling a lot here lately! The usual of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, smoked sausage, steaks..I think my favorite is a good steak just because it isn't something you can have everyday. I do love a good kebab too!

What's Up with Y'all's Wednesday?! 

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  1. I am SO glad that Unblemish is working for you!!! That makes me so happy! :)
    I hope that you are feeling better soon....being sick is no fun.
    I have never seen Grey's Anatomy (I know!!!) I think I want to start it on Netflix this summer!
    Thanks for linking up with us:)


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