Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pinterest Tuesdays.

Y'all I am so out of it! Totally started writing a what's up Wednesday post to only then realize that it is definitely NOT Wednesday but Tuesday. So stay tuned to tomorrow for me to end out May with my What's Up Wednesday post.

It has been a crazy week, hence the lack of postage. Last week is the busiest work week of my year [an accountant's version of tax day]. We had our graduation ceremony for the school, it went really well considering the year it's been for everyone.

 the dress I ended up picking [ignore my messy house]
Then I had to work again Thursday, getting things ready for the next school year already [seriously, time flies] and then I started getting sick this weekend...dum dum dummmmm. I hate being sick and I don't have the best immune system to begin with so normally when I get sick it knocks me on my butt [fever and all]. So the holiday weekend wasn't much of a holiday for us, Tripp had the sniffles as well.

So Tuesday's are my pinterest day, unfortunately I missed What's On Monday so I will pick it back up next week.

This past week what I've been digging on pinterest...

Chia Seed Pudding  This is a good starting point for Chia Puddings. I have the WORST sweet tooth, seriously my biggest problem when it comes to my diet. So I am looking for ways to suppress that here lately and I heard that the Chia Puddings are always a good go to so this weekend I tried to make one and TA DA, it turned out great actually! I think the texture freaks Tripp out a bit[he's super picky!] but I loved it and it reminded me of rice pudding.

Here's mine ->

Wellness Retreat -
I told Tripp that next year I want to go on a Wellness Retreat so I've been pinning different ones and seeing which ones have the best reviews. Not sure if it's something that he would want to do or not but I like reading about what each one has to offer. May end up being a girls trip, who knows. My favorite so far is the Soulstice Retreat in Utah.

Essential Oils-
I've been really interested in trying oils to help with my depression, anxiety, low immune system, etc. So I started out with DoTerra and Pinterest is full of different mixtures, tips and tricks.
I started my collection with Lavender, Balance and Elevation.

The boards that I've given the most attention here lately:

                Follow Lindsay's board prettttty. on Pinterest.   

                Follow Lindsay's board spring.summer. on Pinterest.  

                Follow Lindsay's board healthy eats. on Pinterest.  

make sure to follow! If y'all have any recommendations, leave them in the comments. Also, any immune system suggestions please holla at your girl.

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