Wednesday, May 6, 2015

life lately.

I have some updates: first! beauty!

Okay, I gave the YES TO brand a chance and no bueno. I believe my breakouts actually worsened while using the brand. I tried the acne scrub, wash, and daily cleanse + charcoal bar. I bought clearasil to tie me over until I can figure something else out. I read about Rodan + Fields today and am considering making the investment because it has reached something severe. I will keep y'all updated and if you have any recommendations please comment with them!

I tried silver help and I've been trying the Juice Beauty Green Apple Sensitive and it is great for making my skin brighter and healthier doesn't help with acne but I'll take what I can get.


travel theme

 re-did this table and made an outdoor chair, a new gold indoor chair!

sorry! my camera pics aren't the best but TA-DA! I am really happy with the outcome and actually took a nap in my cozy new room yesterday.  :)

third! hair! I am considering a hair color change....I just don't know if I have the nerve but  my mom loved the inspiration I showed her so maybe. I know she will always be honest with me. I need to book a least a hair cut appointment...considering the last time I had my hair cut was September..yuk.

hair cut ideas: the LOB

Bye y'all! 

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