Wednesday, April 29, 2015

what's up wednesday?!

Linking up with my favorite blogger Shay Shull  and her girlies for "what's up wednesday!?"

What We're Eating?!?!-
Well actually I got a $40 gift card for Hello Fresh which is a box subscriptions service for healthy food and they give you the ingredients, send you the recipe and you make it. It's been such a blast! I made a few and a few Tripp and I made together...some of the recipes were great and some were...interesting! 
 Citrus Shrimp with Potatoes, Peppers, Etc [This one has been our fav!]

 Lemon Roasted Tilapia

Wasabi-Glazed Steak [This was the interesting one]

 Pan-Seared Lemon Chicken 

It's a lot of fun for me because I'm not the best cook and this is pretty much dummy friendly. They are normally $69 for a box of three full meals but you can find $40 off coupons everywhere online so it makes it $29 for three which is not toooo shabby. 

What I'm Reminiscing About?!- 
Tripp and I have had some "just us" time here lately and I'm really trying to enjoy it and remember that it may not always be like this so cherish it! It's brings me back a lot to this time last year when we were trying to plan a wedding, deal with Micah's death, Tripp got let go at his job so find him a job, deal with people's opinions of every decision we were making and etc. I am so glad to be done with that, honestly it was such a hard time and I am so thankful that Tripp has a job HE TRULY LOVES and that our wedding is over. Our engagement was the hardest time in our relationship so far and I could not be happier that it is over and we are done with weddings. 
Us at my bridal shower last June....did we look as tired as we felt?!

What I'm Loving?!-

One of my favorite couple things to do is work on our house together. Of course that normally means Tripp working outside and I'm doing the inside but it is just fun to work on making something that is ours better. This week I worked on our guest isn't completed yet but from a previous post I showed the travel theme that inspired me so I did some things with that. Still lacking a few touches but when it is done, I will post pictures. While I was doing that Tripp worked his tushy off on our outside, he pressured washed the house, the sidewalk, the driveway and did some landscaping. We actually have a huge yard so it takes so much work and it's always impressive to me that he can make it look so great! 

Here is a sneak peak of the dresser that I painted black/gold-dipped..

 What I've Been Up To?!?- 
Well like I said, working on the house [pictures soon!], trying to figure out how to cook [no easy task!], oh and taking care of our newly arthritic dog [yes, toby that's you].

We had to take Toby to the Dog ER [yes that is a real thing] to only find out that he has a horrible back and was put on 4 different prescriptions.

 Tobes after shots....high as a kite, feelinnnn gooood! [said in a Ross Gellar voice]

Yes, he does have a heat pad on...shush! he is one of our children for now.

ALSO BIG NEWS! I am SELLING MY WEDDING DRESS! Yes, you heard right?! I mean when am I going to wear it again and I think it's beautiful so someone else may as well! [DETAILS- It is cream with lace overlay. Size 6. Maggie Sottero. Lace up corset back. Sweetheart neckline.] $500 OBO  make offer! [contact me at 205 329 4534 with any questions]

What I'm Working On?!-
Guest bedroom at our house and our patio is next! I have so many ideas and the color scheme I want is neon [tripp is not on board at all, but I shall sway him!] 
Inspiration for the patio:::

Love the color schemes. 

 Also as I've mentioned before that it is graduation time at work which is always hectic and I'm doing some other future career projects [stay tuned!]. 

What I'm Watching?!-
This one is always fun for me to answer! My dad is a tv junkie and so I was raised to know and love good television [not even ashamed]. Just as my brother and I used to talk non stop about sports, my dad and I are the same with tv. Right now I am into:

Reality Tv: Dancing with the stars [#teamschway], Botched [I can't look away!], Southern Charm [Cameran is my spirit animal!] 

Drama: Always catching up on Revenge, Nashville [I think everything else is on hiatus.] right now I am watching SUITS on amazon prime and LOVE LOVE LOVE [Harvey Spector is everything!]

Comedy: Younger [LOVE it!]

What I'm Listening To?!-
What I'm Wearing?!-
So I've been really wanting to change my style and beachy pieces have been just giving me life lately. I am tired of work out clothes everyday because I am uncomfortable with my body so I think the more I work on it, the more my style will come back and right now I am just living for these pieces...

What I'm Doing This Weekend?!-
Tripp has spring training for football so that has been deciding our nights for most of this week. I think saturday we have plans with the ever-so lovely Moore's [I adore them and their soon-to-be little miss [[can't wait]]] but other than that I hope to get in some barre and yoga classes and spend time with my booooo. 

 What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month?!-
Getting graduation over with for all of mom's seniors/K5 graduates this year [PS. I did find a dress! No pictures yet but I LOVE IT and it is very different from previous years!] and getting things started for the next school year, working on my side work project, Tripp finishing up this school year and getting good news from his job for the next year [prayers, fingers crossed, everything!] Hopefully selling my wedding dress! One month closer to the beach [July 18th!!] Celebrating our Mama's! Continuing my beach body goals!! 

What Else Is New?!- 
Not much this week! If you check out any of the things I posted about [Hello Fresh, any of the tv shows, etc] let me know what you thought about it/them! 

 And just like the end of my yoga classes, I leave you with namas'cray..err..I mean..NAMASTE 



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  1. The neon blocks for the patio look awesome! I'm sure you can sway your husband! ;)


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