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So today readers, I am on somewhat of a soapbox. Fortunately for you, it is a topic that I know BETTER than the back of my hand. I haven't read too many blogs on this subject and if I have it's been from a parent perspective but let me school (pun, intended) you a little bit on the topic of homeschooling from not only a student but an employee's perspective.

My parents stated homeschooling me and my brother in 1996. Back then it was not a well known topic but one that they felt would suit my family. My brother was in the 3rd grade and began getting bullied, while I was about to start my 1st grade year and so our journey began. My mom took over our homeschool cover group in like 97'-99' and I began helping her at the same time. Of course, Micah and I would take our school to her work and when we were finished I would do jobs around the office to where by the time I was 13-14 I could run the office by myself and in 2009 I in fact had to do so due to mom breaking her ankle. Now I certainly realize that I am coming off very arrogant, but trust me when I say I do not excell at much but at the topic of homeschool I am "miss queen supreme". 

In 96 when we started, it was a taboo subject. My parents received criticism of socializing, missing experiences, our academics being up to par, the list goes on and on. The questions we would get we're always a joke to us because at a very young age I began gymnastics, karate, cheernastics, baton and our 4H club (which most public schools do not even have anymore, such a shame). I had friends from these activities, from church and from field trips with other homeschoolers my mom would have us do. I have been certified scuba diver, won multiple awards for public speaking, learned horse back riding, I'm a second degree black belt in karate and I've twirled a baton of fire. Needless to say, I laugh in the face of people who say I missed out on things. Another difference is the friends I have made are sticking with me for life because they don't require me to see them everyday and that rolls over into adult life perfectly. So to parents, teenagers, grandparents, or just judgmental people in general...get with the program and read above for any reservations with homeschooling..
I can guarantee I've had more experience that is beneficial to my life now than a public school child. 

So you're next question...But were't you like in a culture shock at college?! HA! Actually since homeschooling taught me self-discipline to get my work done on my own without teachers standing over me everyday, I found it very easy to transition to a college where my classes were filled with 100 students or more. My teacher barely knew my name at UAB but I didn't need him to because I know how to get work done on schedule on my own. And being around other kids?! Well read above while that was a non-issue for me. If you're doing homeschool right, you are used to so many different people, different ages, different opinions and different's actually a joke that people even ask that anymore. It's 2015 people.

So I've given you reasons why homeschooling worked for me...and why would you want your child to be self-disciplined, outgoing, cultured and well versed in many aspects..psh. But I do have some reasons why you should not homeschool because being an employee will teach you fast that homeschooling IS NOT FOR EVERY FAMILY and no it's not the school's (public or home) fault for it not working out.

If you do not have the time or care to make the time to oversee your child's work. The parent takes on a teacher role in a sense and it is WORK for both the child and parent.

If you are lazy (student and teacher). You have to be a hard worker and willing to make this work. If you want to sleep all day and stay in your pjs and eat..public school is for you, kid.

If the only reason you are homeschooling is because the student got into trouble. You are never going to care enough to give homeschooling what it takes to make it work. Either figure out a way to make public school work or get your GED. You are just wasting our time as the school and your time.

If you expect us(the homeschool) to do all the work for you. We are here to make sure you do what the state requires, we do not teach your child. My parents found things for us to do, they went out of their way for us socially and academically. Do the same for your child and it will work for you. 

I realize I'm very opinionated about this topic but it's been my life for 15 years. I don't think homeschool is for everyone like I don't think public school is, pros and cons to both. It's just a topic I've never discussed but deal with daily.

PS. My husband is a public school is funny, isn't it:)

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