Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favssss.

I apologize for lack of posting....this month has just honestly been hard and the crappy weather is not helping at all. 

Trying to get out of the funk can be the hardest thing in the world...especially when you know how great it feels to be out of it. I'm working on it. Lately we've just been going through the regular routine...I've been getting ready for graduation at work and Tripp just finished baseball season and started football spring training. It's that time year that we appreciate any prayers thrown Tripp's way concerning his job, until he's tenured we are always going to be slightly nervous around the end of the year so shooting prayers our way is fantastic! 

Sooo I'm trying some different concepts for the ole'blog and one I'm trying today is FRIDAY FAVORITES

1.  House Projects- Currently I have a few projects going on at the house. I am working on our guest bedroom which is the last room upstairs to fix. I have completed the kitchen, living room, our bedroom and the bathroom. It's all been superficial work, like paint and etc. Eventually we are going to do more heavy stuff like replacing things, putting up a back splash in the kitchen and the list goes on and on but right now I did what our budget allowed. 

I just finished this bar cart for our kitchen which I really thinks add just what I needed in there. 

So now onto the guest bedroom...I will do before and after 
but right now this is what my inspiration is for my guest room! 


2. Beachy Waves- Because I mean who wants to dry their hair. Ugh I am so over the time it takes to dry my hair since it's gotten so long so this week I have embraced the waves and the rain has definitely helped. My go-to products for beachy waves are: Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Salt Spray and Fave4 Texture Takeover. The rain has definitely helped and encouraged the whole "don't dry your hair" process. I don't do anything special to it tho, just wash and condition, put in a towel for a few minutes then let it down and scrunch, spray and go! 

3. TV- I SUPPOSE one of the good things to not being a "mom" is I can enjoy tv, I've hearddddd that once you have kids you can't really enjoy tv and that sounds not fun so add that to the list of reason not to have a child. My current shows: 

and on Amazon Prime:

4. Vance Joy- I mean his voice...swoon city. Mess Is Mine & Ripetide are my jam.

5. Dress, Dress, Dresses- It's that time of year where I have to find a graduation dress...whew over the years I have worn quite the ensembles. 


So we will see what I have this year....stay tuned. 

....that's all folks.

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