Monday, November 14, 2016

still not a mom.

It's been a while on this lovely corner of my world and for that I have regrets but I miss it and would like to have a space again so this is my attempt back. Whether anyone is interested in it or will even read this is another story.

First things first, I'm the realest..just kidding. But for real, there is some obvious changes like the name to my page. It's not because I am here to announce anything but instead so my little corner can stand all the seasons of my life. I feel like "not a mom" was an accurate description of my life for a season but I shouldn't just blog about my life as not a mom. I want the whole thing, I want to talk about everything and see who may stumble onto this page and find somewhere to relate. Male, female, brother, sister, wife, husband, mom, dad, etc.

I want to start talking again about my depression, about our marriage, about life as a coach's wife, my career path, my relationship with God and so much more. I am in this headspace that I am trying to LOVE EVERY SEASON of my life. Whatever this season may look like because it is that. ONLY A SEASON. Good seasons, bad seasons, dry seasons, hard seasons, fun seasons, exhilarating seasons. I will be doing some heart blogs again, some link-ups with my favorite blogs, some fun blogs, some life lately and sharing an insight to what is going on my head. If you want to following along, I'm so appreciative of all the friends I have made through this blog's lifetime.



  1. Love the new name! I am so glad to hear you are hoping to come back - I have missed your blog!

  2. So happy to see you are writing again! Missed reading your blog. Love the new name too.

  3. Yay- you're back! I totally didn't forget about you girl! Loving the blog changes and looking forward to new posts from you! :)

  4. So glad you are back! Looking forward to catching up on your world.


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