Wednesday, November 16, 2016

26 before 26

So the blog has a LOT of updating to be done. I am 26 and more than likely didn't even accomplish half of my list...raise your hand if you understand not accomplishing goals. I do like goals and list making so I want to make sure my 27 is just a bunch of fun things and maybe even some things I've done before but want to repeat. Let's see where we are at....

1. implement saving into my budget- I'm gonna give myself a 100 on this. My husband is a huge help but we've saved and paid off several things this year.
2. get life insurance - BIG FAIL. I'm just lazy.
3. look into botox #notashamed Looked into it and it's not in our budget right now + my husband isn't sold on the idea. He's all about loving me as I am..precious, right!?
4. make a bed time of at least 10pm on weekdays I may need 2 cups of coffee to get my day started but I wake up at at least 7am even on weekends now which means I have a much earlier bed time.
5. learn to love my body in whatever shape it may be - FAIL
6. eat fast food a maximum of {3x a month} FAIL
7. meditate 5 days a week FAIL
8. learn to wear lipstick FAIL
9. do yoga 3 days a week FAIL
10. read 1 book a month- I did read more books than usual which I need to update y'all on but not near 12 books. I'm gonna say 5, maybe which is better than the year before so YAY.
11. find a new hobby -I would say wellness has become a new hobby this past year in a huge way!
12. learn a new language -FAIL
13. have a date night at least 2x a month- Success! We've had several dates this year and I love each adventure with my boo.
14. lead a small group- Semi win? My work does a monthly bible study for women and it has been a blast to be a part of. It's new so we are learning as we go and I'm enjoying all of it.
15. open my business- Not what I had in mind when I put that on my list but I do officially own my own business!
16. become a tea connoisseur- hah, I have figured out loose-leaf tea! WIN!
17. grow Not A Mom- sad fail. I really love my blog and I hate that I gave up on myself in such a HUGE way last year. I hope I can stick it out and really stay in a somewhat positive headspace about myself.
18. get a facial {I've actually never had one}- Still didn't get one but I love me some at home sheet masks!
19. learn how to braid {sad but true, I don't know how}- NEGATIVE, argh
20. plant a garden- nope
21. whiten my teeth {it's an obsession}-I did some oil pulling but no actual strips or anything.
22. take a dance class - sadly no.
23. visit Lake Jackson, Ala {it's where they filmed Big Fish and I love that movie}- No but I did visit Dauphin Island, Ala which was a new place for me so I'm counting that as a win.
24. cut out sodas- SUCCESS!
25. get family pictures made-FAIL. It's so hard to do when you don't have kids yet.
26. volunteer somewhere I'm passionate about- I haven't volunteered but each month my work donates to one charity which I'm pretty proud of- we've done women's center, children's hospital, humane society and recycled cans.

so here it is my list for 27! My next birthday I will officially be older than my brother was when he passed away and I'm not sure how to feel about it. I definitely think it will hit me very bittersweet, I think about all the things he didn't get to see or do {which he was an introvert but still} I want to do things and I would like to think that he can see them and do them with me.

1. take a vacation with friends - we have something in the works!
2. take more pictures!
3. create a capsule wardrobe- {seems like this would fit me well with my budget}
4. go to a concert
5. get life insurance {it's the smart thing}
6. date my husband as much as possible
7. do a bible study
8. learn to accept life
9. embrace every season
10. eat significantly less sugar
11. take a class- in ANYTHING!
12. pay off 1 item
13. do 27 acts of random kidness [pay it forward type stuff]
14. unplug 1 day a month
15. fly in an airplane [never have, but am dying to!]
16. do a 30 day challenge of something
17. dejunk my house
18. get a tattoo {another one that is}
19. rewatch the wire and cry when I'm especially missing my brother {it was our show}
20. plant something
21. eat more veggies [my brother loved them!]
22. fight for my causes! {drug addiction, eating disorders, domestic violence & depression}
23. have more girls nights
24. do something scary
26. go to a comedy show
27. make something

so that's it, y'all! Let's see what happens. As I mark things off, I'll keep y'all posted. What are some things on your list?! 


  1. Sounds like a great list!! Even though you didn't get everything in your 26th year, you still knocked off some pretty great ones!

  2. I think your list is totally doable! Sometimes it can be hard to accomplish so much in a year if it's not realistic, but when you're specific enough it makes it easier, I think. Also I could totally help you learn how to apply lipstick! ;)


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