Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

hi babes! 

It's my husband's favorite day of the month for the blog, what's up Wednesday! I do love this link up and it's a day that I really look forward to blogging about each month!

What I'm Eating -
Sharing the delicious recipe for that Coffee Punch I made on's seriously so good. My husband wasn't even a huge coffee fan when he first tried it and loved it!

What I'm Reminiscing About-
Last Christmas in Nashville has me wishing that we had plans like that to look forward to this year!  

What I'm Looking Forward To-
Seeing these precious babies tomorrow! This was from Thanksgiving 3 years ago so clearly they are a little more like short adults and less babies #insertcryingemoji

What I'm Loving-
H&M's home department right now is KILLIN' it! Like 1 of everything, please.

What We've Been Up To-
Not many pictures in this department, Tripp's been coaching like he's literally at a tournament right now and I've just been closing out my work week and getting what we're taking to each T'giving party ready....this is when I miss being a kid..I never had to take mac and cheese to a party back then ha.

What I'm Dreading-
Going back to work next week....blah.

What I'm Working On-
Work stuff honestly, I had some stuff to bring home on Monday since that was my technical only work day this week so I've got it going and then gotta start cooking tonight. Ha y'all be ready to laugh at me my Monday when I show how alllll the cooking I did [much sarcasm].

What I'm Watching-
Still all about those vamps, guys.

What I'm Listening To-
Sooo stinking catchy.

 What I'm Wearing-
Y'all I found this shirt on buzzfeed and I NEED it!

What I'm Doing This Weekend-
I actually don't know. No wrestling. No family plans. Who knows!  

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month-
Obviously, the holidays..fam time. good food. great movies. the best music. parades. more wrestling. wearing booties. yay happiness for everyone!

What Else Is New-
really, not much y'all.

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Tradition-
Tripp and I don't really have any together yet. I love the idea of getting matching pjs for Christmas Eve [such a girl thing of me], maybe opening gifts on Christmas night...who knows. Maybe we'll figure it out this year! Tradition suggestions?!?

My favorite when I was a kid was we would put the Christmas tree up every Thanksgiving night and then me and my brother would wake up for Christmas like at 2am every morning and it was something I look forward to so much! My dad would want us to go back to bed at like 7am and we had just gotten all of our toys out of the boxes...he was cray.

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  1. That coffee punch sounds delicious! It's a little too cold around here for punch but I'm going to file it away for next summer when punch season rolls around again!

  2. That coffee punch sounds so good! I've never heard of it before!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. VAMP DIARIES! I was addicted and finished the first season in like two days cause I would pull all-nighters to watch haha! I have never heard of coffee punch before but I could totally dig that. Enjoy having work off!!

  4. Coffee Punch?! That sounds so delicious!

    I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!!!!

  5. The fun part about holiday traditions is they can literally be whatever you want them to be. We all open new pajamas on Christmas eve and typically make homemade cookies and watch a movie together. Have a great Thanksgiving :)

  6. I actually need that t-shirt!!! Makes my feminist heart so happy! Happy Thanksgiving, Lindsay!!!

  7. The coffee punch sounds really nice ♥

  8. Oh man. I keep seeing that shirt on tumblr and I need it in my life. Happy late Thanksgiving! Hope yours was amazing!

  9. I didn't know H&M had a home section! Too cute! Hope you had a great weekend!


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