Monday, November 9, 2015

weekender+winter bucket list.

hi lovely friends!

So happy to get to start my week with y'all! Can't wait to began reading about what all y'all had going on this weekend, you can tell I had a good weekend by the lack of pictures and it's true...this weekend was fantastic!! Linking up with Biana!

Here's what I do have:

Friday night, Tripp and I went to dinner with one of the first coach couples we ever made back in the day and had a BLAST! I know it looks like I had the worst time in this picture hah, also just got that shirt at Target on Friday with some birthday gift cards.

These socks make me happy! #beastmode
 After the great Friday, we desperately needed to grocery shop which means a Sam's Club visit and stopping by our fav, MOES!
After grocery shopping, we did some things around the house and then NAPPED..this is Tripp approving of how I hung a picture, right babe?!
 One of my favorite ladies stayed with us Friday night and got me this adorable print work!  
Then Sunday we went to church with our godchild and heard a great message! 

Bucket List:
Woke up this morning with it the 50s so I'm feeling all wintery and I love it so I finished my Fall List {for the most part} and figured out what plans I had for the winter...what are some on y'alls list?! First let's recap the Fall::
1. Decorate our porch- CHECK! Happy with our door hanger and got a few mums which are already dying because I literally have a black thumb but they are cute for the moment. 
2. Have A Bonfire- No Check. Time got away from me and it totally slipped my mind honestly!
3. Trick or Treating- CHECK! It poured rain but we got in about 2 roads of houses before then with our neice and nephew..shared our night here. 
4.Watch Hocus Pocus- Half Check. Everytime we cut on a halloween movie in October, we would pass out. Call it old age, but we fell asleep twice watching hocus pocus!
5. Enjoy Lindsaypalooza- CHECK! I sure enough did! It felt good to just be excited about it this year since last year was so hard all around!
6. Order an Apple Cider Spice from Starbucks- CHECK! I did not regret it one BIT! Delish!
7. Go on a picnic- No check. The weather this Fall was either super hot or super rainy so let's blame it on that.
8. Work on my Fall wardrobe- Got some cute new pieces for my birthday to add, especially a felt hat which is my favorite!
9. Go Out For A Football Game- CHECK! We did even better, we WENT to the football game. Tripp's team lost {Alabama} but it was fun to go to one together for the first time!
10. Go To Bass Pro Shop- We took a night and went there the weekend before my birthday and had so much fun just walking around that place! It really feels like you're in another world when you are really just a short drive away from home.

 Now on to the new Winter List::

 1. Christmas Church Service- We missed out on attending a candle light service last Christmas since we were out of town and it's the one thing I really missed! 
2. See a Christmas Movie- The beautiful Alabama Theater in Birmingham always shows like 2 weeks straight of Christmas movies and it's a pretty popular event. We have plans to go this year with some friends to see "It's A Wonderful Life" and I couldn't be more excited! 

3. Christmas Lights- I either want to go to Oak Mountain Festival of Lights or Palisades Park to see the lights, either way I need to see a BUNCH of lights! 
4. Buy Each Other Gifts- We haven't done this in like 2 years due to getting married then going on a trip last year so I'm excited to actually buy Tripp gifts and open them together!
5. Wrestling Tournaments- Now I get that y'all totally won't get this one but it just doesn't say holiday season till we fit in as many wrestling tournaments as possible in late November and December. Over the past 5 years, I've gotten so used to wrestling season being a huge part of our Winter that it wouldn't feel right without it!
6. "Sweetheart" Christmas- I read about where this couple opens gifts on the night of the 25th when all of the craziness, busyness is over just to have something to look forward to and come home and relax with your boo and some gifts! 
7. Give Back- I want to either pick a kid off of the Angel Christmas tree around town or serve at a homeless shelter this winter. If y'all know of any other giving back ideas for the holidays please let me know! 
8. Cook Thanksgiving Dinner- We are having my mom's side of the family over for Thanksgiving lunch and going to Tripp's family for Thanksgiving dinner so lots of food will be made and I should be very nervous...stay tuned y'all!
9. Date Night Somewhere New- I love cozy restaurants so I want to try a new one this holiday season! 
10. Get Christmas Onesies- Tripp and I don't have kids because honestly, we are just two big kids and we really want Christmas onesies to wear that week ha! 

What do you guys have on your list?! I'm always needing new ideas!


  1. I love your Fall / Winter bucket list!! And girl I haven't been to Moes in the longest time but their queso is my favorite!! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. OMGGGG Moe's! I haven't been there in forever but now I want it! And love your bucket list! Mine just includes wearing a sweater and boots right now since it's still 90 degrees and 94% humidity. FL missed the memo about it being fall! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I need to make a Christmas bucket list because the holidays get by me without even blinking

  4. these lists are great! i swear i always make one and then i fail terribly haha. but it's good to have goals i always say :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Love these!!!! So many good ones especially since they are Xmas themed!!! I love the Sweetheart Christmas idea. We did that one year - made festive cocktails and opened our gifts alone - it was so fun!!

  6. My best friend lives in Birmingham and I really want to go see a Christmas movie at the Alabama Theater!! It looks so fun, such a great idea!

  7. I cannot WAIT to see Christmas lights. My town really does a great job with it and I love this time of year just for that loveliness :) also, "sweetheart Christmas" sounds like a fantastic idea, I love it!

  8. "I have a black thumb" made me LOL. I truly have one, too. I would love to make gardening or growing herbs and veggies a hobby, but I can't even plant and nourish a sprig of cilantro or take care of an orchid properly?! Boo. I just told Beck we need Christmas onesies, too! We're big kids, also =]


  9. hahaha girl yes, i have a black thumb. my mother in law planted some flowers for me last year and took care of them for a couple of months and then i was supposed to take over... spring came around and they were dead, oops. not my fault!

  10. Ummm those nachos look amazing and I would like them right now, please!

  11. I love all of this!!! I love the idea of season bucket lists. I love winter season :)

  12. I love the idea of Sweetheart Christmas! My boyfriend and I will be with our separate families so we'll have to do something like this either before or after Christmas.

  13. <3 those socks, lady!!!! Beast mode, alllll day!

    MOE's, I need to go to mooooooes!

  14. Love that door hanger!! Gold is the BESSSST!!!!


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