Thursday, November 5, 2015

Friday Favorites

hi beautiful babes!

Loving that it's Friday, hating that there is no sunshine on the 7 day forecast for central Alabama but it's supposed to get chillier so maybe that will help with the rain!

OKAY let's get this out of the way.. this week sucked....yes I have lots to be thankful for..but just being honest that it felt like "when it rains, it pours" kinda week. Family drama {why must there always be looney toons in every family}, it felt like everything was breaking in our house, Tripp worked late hours, it's that time of the month #yay and yeah...just one of those weeks. That being said, I needed a pick-me up and BAD...guess what I did?! Put all of our holiday decorations up, just after saying I wasn't in the mood yet and guess what?! It helped!

We have had a white tree ever since Tripp bought his house and it has finally bit the dust and turned a yellow color, so we needed a tree and we both agreed that with the set up of our house it needed to be smaller. so TA-DA, I present to you the Otis Tree ....and it's GOLD!

Saturday is the last day but Hobby Lobby has a 50% off sale all holiday decor so I racked up y'all!

Here are my favs from that sale! {seriously y'all NOW!}
The link for the tree is here but unfortunately that's the only item I can find online. It's such a steal regular $69.99 and got it half off!

 I got the set of Christmas lights {ours from last year were burned out} and the wooden Christmas tree set from Hob Lob too {regular $20, got it for $10}! I ain't mad y'all. {& yes I am rewatching Revenge because I'm currently out of shows to watch since I finished PLL...any new suggestions?}

Picked up that pallet wall art for like $8...absolutely loved what it said!

This little wall decor regular $20!

I know the stockings don't match but Tripp picked those out and I cherish them! I don't know how I feel about the banner..I got it last year but this year I'm not feeling it with my stockings, what do y'all think?! Sidenote: It was only the second time for me to light those candles and I did it solely for this picture then Mom and I spent 30 minutes trying to blow them all out and quickly learned we may both have emphysema hah, but for real!

Anyways, those are what I picked up at the huge sale and I highly recommend even if y'all aren't decorating yet to go by the sale to get you some cute new decor. I love all the color options, they definitely had more than just gold and black items but y'all know me!

 Back to the regularly scheduled favs:


Such a killer story of an eating disorder survivor embracing her healthy and beautiful body! I'm a survivor as well and I am currently weighing more than I ever thought I would or that my warped mind would want but I love this article because I truly see how much her beauty shines now compared to the before pictures.


Did Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton absolutely kill it on the CMA Awards or what?! I had never even heard of Chris before last night and now I can't get enough. He has an Amos Lee vibe that makes me swoon everytime.


Sometimes you have to learn this the hard way but it's a good lesson to learn.  


I mean any shock I chose Carrie but she would look flawless in a garbage bag! My 2 favorites were:

Hair- perfection. Dress- gorgeous. Jewelry- on point. 

This was my husband's favorite dress so had to include it!

I just have to say I'm so excited for next week, I have a full week of fresh topics planned for Not-A-Mom so I hope to see you guys back here on Monday! Happiest of weekends to y'all! 

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  1. There are plenty of nuts in my family, too - sorry you're going through the drama! The Christmas stuff is super cute! Decorating seems like a pretty solid way to de-stress! (I gave in and bought a coloring book this week for that very purpose!)

  2. At least you get to enjoy those decorations even longer! I loved the CMAs this year - carrie underwood was stunning and that performance was the best thing ever!!! xo, Baina -BlovedBoston

  3. Carrie Underwood is such a girl crush of mine! Also, I love how you took your happiness in your own hands and put up the decorations!

  4. OK I seriously love EVERYTHING about this post!!! First, your Christmas decor. AHH! I'm so jealous and want to put mine up now too! Everything you have is so cute. I'm telling ya, you need some decor posts because your house is TOO CUTE. Second, I also loved that body image article. Third - OMG the CMA's! YES! That JT/Chris duet was amazing and love that song Girl Crush. I felt kinda bad for Miranda though with all the Gwen/Blake news, but Carrie looked gorg as to be expected.

  5. You got great stuff from hobby lobby! They always seem to have the best holiday decorations!! One day when I am no longer in a rental with no storage I will be able to buy some myself haha!

  6. Isnt Carrie Underwood perfection!?!?!?
    That quote! YES!!!!
    Love Hobby Lobby!!!!
    You just made me miss Revenge!

  7. I love the holiday decor photos♥ Beautiful♥

  8. Giiiiirl your Christmas decorations are making me soooo excited for the holidays! I may have to try to recreate your decor! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Sorry you had such a bad week, sweet girl! I hope the weekend can turn it around for you!

    And I LOOOOVED Carrie's dresses as well! I swear that girl is just perfect.

  10. carrie underwood can do no wrong in my eyes. shes literally amazing at everything.
    mean tweets-yaaaas haha laughed my hiney off at it!
    happy weekending! xox

  11. Ugh, sorry it was one of those weeks. That was me last week but at least you found something to cheer you up. I love that Christmas decorations can do that! Also, I totally agree that Carrie was rocking it. But she alllllways does. Hope your weekend is better friend!! Xoxo

  12. That was such a good read! I'm surprised that instagram has helped her by seeing others, usually you hear the opposite! I'm glad that she is putting her story out there!

  13. This was excellent! Now we have to plan a visit so Beans can see all the lights! Lol!

  14. omgggg love the décor!!! If only there was a Hobby Lobby here =[. I'll have to go back to Michael's and Big Lots to get more things I don't need, baha. I'm digging that Tennessee Whiskey song, too, even though it made me mad that no one I know knew who this Chris Stapleton was and yet he won new artist AND album of the year?! *slightly* maddening aaaand rigged. But not to be a Negative Nancy...=]=]



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