Monday, October 19, 2015

weekending, again.

Hi lovelies!
I love being with you guys! It feels good to spend a typical early morning with y'all and to make it through the hard two weeks. I felt all the love y'all were sending my way and it was so refreshing to hear that I wasn't alone and that y'all can relate. That is really the whole reason I started the blog, I have felt alone in so many moments and I never want to have someone else feel that way if I can help it. Anyways, I really just took a moment the last part of the week and weekend to be in the moment with my husband so I could come back this week with y'all super refreshed! 
Here's our life lately::::: {follow along at snapchat: lindsaymclovin instagram:@_lindsayotis}

It was Tripp's last Middle School game on Thursday, we had dinner with friends after but no pics were made :( #bloggerfail

Tobes so wants to be an outside dog, unfortunately he is just a tad too small.
 My cousin Jess is the best at doing any kind of art work you need. She did all of my signs for my wedding and she came in clutch with my pumpkin door hanger.

 This was Friday night when mom and I saw a mouse skirt across the floor #firstworldprobs
We've been trying to seal up every hole in our house to get rid of those things! If you wanna SCARE ME TO DEATH, just put a mouse in my house. #literallystandingonchairs

Literally 95% of the time I am the one napping on Saturdays so it was super refreshing that he was the one that napped for a few hours. Am I the only one that can relax better if someone else is relaxing?! #amIweird

Then Sunday after church, we had to run by Tripp's work and I found it necessary for a selfie. Please notice the strategically placed sunglasses to cover up where I need botox BAD. 
This weekend has been getting cooler in Bama, like 70s in the day and at night the 50s so we have just been leaving our windows open and not running the AC. Look how cold it got down to at night?! It's hard to wake up with this temperature waiting on me #brrrrrrrr
 Then I was running behind on the blog and of course...this is what I was dealing with?! #ineedamac

Linking up with Biana::::::Hope you guys enjoyed the update! I have a week full planned on Not A Mom! 


  1. Oh my gosh naps on Saturdays are the best - it's the best way to relax lol! That pumpkin sign is gorgeous - she should start selling them! Have a great Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love your door hanger, so cute! And I'm a huge fan of Saturday, or in their case, SUNDAY naps. It's always best if you both sleep, right?!?! Glad you're refreshed and back, we missed you! <3

  3. Love the pumpkin sign!! Glad you were able to relax, weekend naps are the best!

  4. That pumpkin decor is adorable!! I need to start indulging in more naps, especially as it gets colder down in FL and we can snuggle for a few months! Stopping by from B's Weekending Link Up!

  5. That pumpkin door hanger is fabulous!!!

  6. Your weekend looked like a lot of fun! Your poor doggie. That picture is hilarious. A mouse in the house? Those are so scary. You'll always catch me standing on chairs or anywhere away from the ground. 66 degrees is freezing!! That pumpkin door hanger is so cute!

  7. Your door hanger is SO cute!! She is definitely talented, I love it!

  8. Love your door hanger! So cute! And umm 66 is way too cold inside. No. I can't deal with it being below like 74 in our house! And I feel you on the botox thing girl, haha! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  9. Oh gosh - we love it when our temps get down in the 50's in our room - perfect sleeping weather :)
    That pumpkin sign is ADORABLE!!!

  10. haha i hate when my computer decides to update and whatnot while i'm trying to do something. so rude. that pumpkin sign is adorable! i am pretty sure we keep it around 66 in the house, i'm not actually sure lol. i HATE it. i'm always cold, my husband is always hot. can't win!

  11. Ahhhh yay for posts all week!! Can't get over that cute door hanger!

  12. Your door hanger is SO cute! You are talking crazy with the Botox are so pretty!!! So glad you had a good weekend!

  13. I cracked up over your strategically placed glasses you are ridiculous!!!! I love when Mark takes naps, it is so rare that we both are able to just relax you know!


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