Tuesday, October 27, 2015

they say it's your birthdayyyyyyyy

hi lovelies!
SO excited to be with y'all today, sorry I missed yesterday but our Sunday was CRAZYYY busy like 10am-8pm busy.
Butttt I am here today and it's a big day, it is birthday week and today is BIRTHDAY! I don't know what all I'm doing today but I know I'm gonna eat some good food {excited to share with y'all tomorrow}. This week is pretty self-centered on the blog {it's my bday week though, y'all} but also I have big plans so stay tuned!!
{side note: my mom is staying with us right now and I woke up to birthday decorations in our kitchen! then as if I needed a reminder that I am not beyonce...toby left me some birthday presents that I almost stepped in as well.}
Today, I am going to check back on my 25 before 25 list....still can't believe I'm a quarter of a century #whaaaaa?!

1. read 2 books a month 
Totally missed this one, I have a nook and I thought that may be the reason....maybe I need them actually in my hand so I'm gonna try that. I still want to make reading a habit!


2. run a 5k [8.8.15]
If you can call it that, more like walked but we did it! 

3. spend more time with family
I really tried to do this one more ever since Micah passed. Anyone that I was not so close with, I really gave that relationship an effort. Here lately that has burned me a little but I'm just happy to have given all relationships with family an effort. 

4. go to the beach[7.18.15]
Had the BEST time at Gulf Shores, AL with our mommas...wrote it about here!

5. learn a new hobby [hot yoga!]
Started this in February and never thought I'd be a yogi but it is such a fun hobby and I'm excited this year to dive into it even more!
6. work on my business
I made very SMALL moves in it. I live in fear honestly of failing and I hope in year 25 I can just do things, literally DIVE into them and worry less. 
7. start a morning bible study ritual
 FAIL. I need to schedule my morning betters, I get most of my blogging done and I need to figure out how to add more to my mornings. 

8. spend more time outdoors 
We absolutely killed this one during the summer. Trail walks, bike rides, taking the pups to the park. 

9. cut sugar out of my diet 
The past two weeks I have actually done a lot better on this one than expected. Tripp and I were really killin' the whole eating better game and then birthday hit and this weekend we started eating like poop again...oh well! Lindsaypalooza!

10. stop picking my face [bad habit]
I quit this one 100%! Of course, getting my face treated at the derm really helped me stopped this habit but it's nice to know I'm not making anymore scars.

11. take my vitamins  
YES! Gummy vitamins, y'all! 
12. drink more water 
I still only drink like 16oz {1 bottle} a day but it's more than usual. Maybe I'll add another bottle this year, it's so hard to add water to your routine when you aren't thrilled with the taste! 
13. do yoga 3 times a week

14. do one thing I'm scared of
I'm not great with water so doing paddle board yoga was pretty nerve racking for me considering I am a new yogi and not experienced in water, plus I had never paddle boarded {so hard!}. I was proud that I even got on one! 

15. get a new tattoo 
I forget how expensive these things are and there is a reason I got them in college when I had money to blow.

16. go to the lake

17. think before speaking 
Some progress was made here. I definitely slip up from time to time because impulsiveness is in my nature! 

18. eat out less
I don't know if y'all can relate but it's like we will go 2-3 weeks of really cooking at home and making things here and then we have a bad week of eating out almost every night because it's so easy. Are we the only ones?! 

19. whiten my teeth
Y'all I seriously hate the dentist but the whitening strips kill my teeth. Any suggestions?!

20. go to bed earlier
MAJOR FAIL. 11pm is my usual bed time. 

21. stop spending impulsively 
I think this one was a win compared to the year before, Tripp really has us on a budget and I've learned a lot from following it. 

22. make a habit of keeping my car clean
NEGATIVE. But as my granddaddy says, the pretty the girl, the messier the car. :)

23. make the 1 minute rule a habit [happier podcast]  
During the week, I fail pretty hard and getting house stuff done because we are so in and out. I usually just get everything done on the weekend but I really want to incorporate house work during the week so I don't have to play catch up on Sunday. 

24. clean up my language [being transparent that sometimes I have the mouth of a sailor]
Depends on the day. Sometimes I just have no desire to clean up my mouth, it really is my guilty pleasure, I think the day I actually want to stop is the day I'll stop.

25. learn to love the mornings
I'm learning more! When I have you guys to look forward to, it makes things easier. I wish I could keep that momentum going through the whole day. 

I'll be posting my new list this week for 26. What are some things you guys want to accomplish this year?! I need some new ideas! Thanks for letting me spend my birthday with y'all and come back tomorrow because we got a lot going on at Not A Mom this week! 

 This picture was at Micah's 25th birthday and it's the last picture we have of just us. I love it, it's weird to think that soon I'll be older than he was #forever26





  1. Happy birthday girl!!!!! Hope you have an amazing day and that Lindsaypalooza has been awesome to you this year! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Happy, happy, happy birthday, lady! Hope you have a fabulous day, full of sparkle, cheer, cake and fun. Your list is on point, enjoy your Lindsaypalooza!

  3. Happy birthday, Lindsay!! I hope you have the best day ever!!! I have a feeling this will be your best year yet :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day!

  5. Happy birthday! I would love to cut sugar out too. It seems nearly impossible sometimes!

  6. happy birthday girl! love that kirsten dunst quote.
    sometimes i have the mouth of a sailor as well, oops. hahaha @ what your grandad says, no wonder my car is always so messy. hahahaha jk.
    good luck with whatever you decide to do before 26!

  7. Happy, happy birthday! Love that you have a list like this to keep yourself accountable throughout the year. I should do that for my birthday coming up in a couple weeks! Can't wait to see what your new list is.


  8. I'm not even supposed to be blogging per my own rules but I have to just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! Yay for 25! Have the best day!

  9. Happy happy birthday!!!!!!!!! I loved reading your 25 list...I am totally with you on eating good for a few weeks and then out all the time for a week. It's a struggle. And I have a bit of a potty mouth, too...oops! I hope you have the best day! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  10. Happy birthday to you!! You did really good on your 25 list and I can't wait to see what you cook up for the next one :) have a fantastic day and a great week celebrating Y-O-U!

  11. Happy Birthday girl & thank you for linking up for tutu tuesday! I loved reading over your goals and accomplishments. I am totally going to start using "the prettier the girl the messier the car saying" because my car is always a TOTAL disaster. My boyfriend won't even ride in with me...it's awful!

  12. Happy birthday! I hope it was absolutely fabulous! I'm right there with you on a few of these things that haven't been crossed off with, but there's always room for improvement!
    The Rad Wife

  13. Happy late Birthday!! You did great on your list! I struggle with being a better morning person as well, once I'm up I can accomplish 100 things before I leave for work but I do not want to get out of the bed.

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'd say you did pretty dang great with your list. And your granddaddy's car slogan is SO true for me, I'm going to adopt that saying too! HAHAH!!!!

  15. I also add lemon to my water to make it taste better!! Happy birthday week :)


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