Monday, July 27, 2015

vacation week with gs recommendations.

Hi y'all, so I completely missed out on blogging last week due to lack of good wifi at our condo. I had great intentions but nevertheless I am here today with a set of the Monday blues but being with y'all does help :)

I have a few pictures, don't worry I don't plan on boring y'all with vacation pics too much.

We took our moms but we went out the first night just us since it was our first wedding anniversary.
Next night, we took our moms to Lulu's for dinner. Tripp and his mom aren't Gulf Shores regulars so it was fun taking them to some of our favorites.
 I tried flash tattoos because that's the cool thing but I didn't know they leave a tan line. oy vey.
Our view was a highlight, I was kinda disappointed in the condo I rented. The pictures looked nice but it needed updating pretty BAD and the beds were the most uncomfortable thing I had ever felt. I had stayed in Gulfside Townhomes before but in a different condo so I wouldn't rule the place out completely, just don't rent condo 21.
 Then one night for fun, we took our moms Putt Putting. It was really a blast!

The last night we took our moms to Fisher's which is where we ate for our anniversary. Funny story- Fisher's is on the bay and has an upstairs and a downstairs restaurant...well apparently the upstairs is crazy EXPENSIVE compared to the downstairs so I would HIGHLY recommend the downstairs of Fisher's in Orange Beach.
On the way home, we had to do the typical southern stop of Cracker Barrell.
 So that was a quick, trying not to be too boring update of our week! It was overall a blast!
I do have some recommendations for Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. I know I have readers from all over but we really do have a beautiful beach in Alabama so if you ever plan a trip our way I hope these help!
1st night- We ate our groceries because we were tired from the drive but I highly recommend the Gulf Shores Walmart, y'all ha!
2nd night [our anniversary]- Fisher's Orange Beach - Upstairs. I really recommend Fisher's but the upstairs just wasn't our level. We're pretty basic people and the food was anything but basic.  I had the Stuffed Flounder and Tripp got the Filet. It was good, we just like the simpler life ha!
3rd night- Lulu's Gulf Shores- I got the fried shrimp basket which is a statement food for me at the beach and it was AMAZING! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
4th night- The Original Oyster House- This is a MUST if you go to south Alabama. I got the Parmesan Baked Shrimp and I give it two thumbs up! Plus they have cute shops around it so you can shop after you eat which made my husband SO happy #muchsarcasm
5th night- Desoto's Seafood Kitchen- Desoto's is that place that I remembered being better than it was actually. I got the Coconut Shrimp which I really have never had bad coconut shrimp and it was good. The sweet potatoes as a side was a good change. The service just wasn't impressive and honestly, the food just was good but not my favorite of the week.
6th night- Fisher's Dockside- I absolutely loved it. The service was great! The food was great! The atmosphere was on point! The food is way more casual than the upstairs so much more our speed. I was seafood out by this point so I tried the Bill's Yard Bird and it was delish. HIGHLY recommended!

So if you guys ever plan a trip down to Gulf Shores hope this posts help y'all!
 Glad to be back with you guys and I will see y'all tomorrow! 


  1. We went to gulf shores last year and had a blast. So many good places to eat and lots of fun things to do that we'd never done before!

    1. so glad to hear someone else has visited that beach! we loved it! we usually go to Panama City so this was a nice change. Thanks for reading!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I've never been to Gulf Shores but it looks like a neat place to visit

    1. you definitely need to add it to your list, it's a cute little beach! thanks for reading!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Looks like y'all had fun!

  4. Looks like a fun time away! We always love stopping by Cracker Barrel - there isn't one around here so it's always a nice treat.

    1. Ah y'all need a cracker barrel girl! thanks for reading!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Oh no those temporary tattoos!!!! My skin hasn't seen the light of day for the past few months I really need to get some relaxation and vit D in soon!

    1. yeah just a warning for those cute little flash tattoos! sun always makes me feel better, I know it can be bad for you too though. Thanks for reading!

  6. Love the view from the condo, you can walk to that beautiful beach in seconds. Really love the pictures, but the recommendations on the local restaurants is awesome. Plan on visiting this area in the next few months, so I already have those places bookmarked for the family to enjoy. By the way, who won the miniature golf game? Looked like fun!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks


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