Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday

hello loves! 

Today is a fun day here at Not A Mom, this Show & Tell is one that is easy for me. We are doing the 5 people I'd like to have dinner with, I pretty much had these 5 immediately and they all have one thing in common...they are HILARIOUS which must be a key quality for me. So here I am linking up with Momfessionals today!

So I have to explain that every time I've answered this question it's been a dead or alive type of thing so I am sticking to that answer. I think it's more fun when the options are wide open! So I am starting out with someone that has actually passed but she is my ALL TIME favorite......

LUCILLE BALL! If you know me then this isn't a surprise. I was sick as a child with asthma so I spent a lot of time inside or at home with a parent watching one thing and one thing only, I Love Lucy! I think that's where so much of my personality comes from and as a child I would always ask if Lucy went to heaven so I could meet her one day ha. I've actually had doctors tell me to watch 30 minutes of ILL a day to help combat my depression, so why not just have her over for dinner! So the next funny lady is....

KELLY CLARKSON! Again, if you know me then this is NO surprise, I have been loving this girl since 2001 when she won and she hasn't changed which has made me love her even more as the years go on. I was able to attend one of her concerts in high school and it was everything I dreamed it would be so I'm sure she could sing to us after dinner while we drink coffee and eat dessert because we'll be such good friends. Okay, enough of day dreaming about my best friend Kelly.......next we have ANOTHER funny lady.......

ELLEN DEGENERES! Another easy one! She's hilarious and she's already in my living room every afternoon [obsessed with her talk show] so it's not that much of a stretch to have her for dinner. I love her kindness and humor, which I think is the perfect mix. I never like humor at another person's expense, I try to never make humor of someone else either..I usually make myself the butt of my own jokes! Anyways, I know she's friends with KC and I'm sure her and Lucy would be tight after our din din...then we have ANOTHER funny lady {notice a trend}

This funny gal came into my life over 15 years ago, I used to watch her show every morning before I started school and I now record it to watch every evening. I loved her and Reeg together and I have accepted her and Michael {let's be honest she'd be funny with anybody!]. She's my fitness icon, she's hilarious and down to earth which is a perfect combo for my dinner! I love how she balances a strong work life and mom life...If I'm gonna do mom life, I wanna do it like her one day. Okay, so last but CERTAINLY not least....we finally have a funny gentleman

MATTHEW PERRY! So he is already friends with Ellen, I'm sure he knows KR and I know he'd be a little shocked to see Lucy back from the dead but ultimately I think he'd love all these ladies and not mind being the only guy {my husband can be there too, right?!}. He's hilarious and passionate about drug addiction which means we could have endless conversations. I know my group doesn't have a lot of variety but let's be honest it would be non stop LAUGHS and I know all y'all would want to attend! {you can, I'm a nice host!}

This was such a blast to write, I loved this topic! Excited to be back tomorrow with y'all wonderful people! 




  1. I've loved Kelly clarkson since her AI days too! She'd be so fun to hang out with! And how could I forget Matthew perry? That's such a good choice! Jennifer Aniston should have made my list come to think of it :)

  2. LOVE your list!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Kelly Ripa and also Kelly Clarkson. And of course, "Chandler Bing" hah!! :)

  3. Ellen....YES. Genius idea. She is probably my favorite talk show host EVER!!

    I never would have thought of Lucille Ball, but what a great idea! I used to be obsessed with that show:)

  4. I totally didn't think of Ellen. Maybe she'll bring free stuff for all the guests??? Brilliant! I totally didn't know that you loved Kelly Clarkson. I was one of the few people my age that watched her win that first season. So cool!

  5. I love that you included Lucille Ball on your list! I'm totally crashing your party to meet her! ;)

    Angela @ Top Knots and Curly Locks

  6. Aaaah! I added Matthew Perry to my list as well, along with Courteney Cox, because I'm so obsessed with both of them.

    My cousin actually just married Matthew's sister last year in California, and I went to the wedding and got to meet him. It was a totally surreal experience. And it's totally crazy, because he acts just like Chandler Bing in real life!! He did the speech during the reception and I about died. I got the whole thing on video!!

  7. Lucille Ball is a great choice!!!

    I loved this post!


  8. Hahah these are great!!! I really love Kelly Ripa as well! I'm obsessed with Ellen...I kinda wish I picked her too! She's so down to earth and HILARIOUS! Can I be invited??

  9. Ellen is such a great choice! Your dinner party would definitely be full of laughing! And laughing is good for the soul!

  10. I would love to have Ellen! I should have added her. Great list!

    - Seri

  11. Can I come the party, too?! Haha, Ellen would be amazing to have as a guest! And I love Kelly Ripa, too! Great picks!


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