Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Goals

GOOD NEWS- This post is a definite UP from yesterday because like I said not everyday is hard and I recognize that!
BAD NEWS- I opened up my planner today to look at June's goal and was met with a feeling of uncertainity, [ha!] honestly I think I gave them about 50% so I hope to give it a better try this month!

So let's get on to our goals check-in for June and see what we're dealing with for July!
To remind y'all- these were mine for June

1. Do Something Outdoors Twice A Week- I think I only missed one week of this [I do have an excuse, the weather has been crazy rainy and CRAZY hot and humid around here] but I know at least 3 weeks Tripp and I walked the trail by our house or biked it. [Grade: C]

2. Weigh 130- ugh y'all. Didn't reach this goal, it was too high I know but still would've been nice. I totally dread putting on a bathing suit this weekend for the 4th [contemplating wearing the one piece I bought for a swim class in college #haha #kidding #notkidding]. [Grade: F] [I lost like two pounds and that just may be from peeing, #letsbereal!]

3. Go to the Derm- YES! Done! Taking my medicine and two creams! Stay tuned- 3 weeks in! [Grade: A+]

4. Keep my paperwork stack low at work- Did it! I can say there is no paper work on my desk! I tried to leave work every week with none left to do the following Monday or Tuesday. yah! [Grade: A]

5. Have Friend's Over- Well I had the intentions...but this was a fail. My Slip and Slide party got postponed #ughweather and I just let this one slip pass me. [Grade: D] [good intentions count right?!]

6. Run a mile in 10 minutes-Well we walked 4 miles in an hour, does that count?! We start our couch to 5k program to get ready for the 5K we are running in August today so this one is a month behind. [Grade: C]

Well what did I learn?! I didn't do that great! Onward and upward for July!

Tripp's - I'm gonna hand it over to Tripp with the update on his....

1. Weigh 220- I was very fortunate to work with a landscaping company for about 4 days which is the main reason I was able to accomplish this goal. I still eat too much and eat the wrong foods. If I ate better then it would of been an A. P.S. I don't do + or - because my college, Birmingham-Southern, used to do it and it would always tick me off. How's an A- not the same thing as an A?!?!

2. Read a book- Folks, I hate to read. I'm an ok reader it's just a slow process. Also I have a very short attention span and focusing for longer than 5 minutes is a struggle. I managed to read a book I have been working on for a while now called "Shoulders of Giants" by E. Gaylon McCollough. I enjoyed the book and if you like Bear Bryant stories then it's for you. I'm giving myself an A on this one.

3. Keep yard clean and keep working on it- Well this was not a huge success. We kept the yard cut and front pretty clean but the back yard looks like the rain forest right now. I have so much work to do on it. Grass looks awesome with the help of Lindsay push mowing it but there are a poop ton of vines everywhere. I plan on attacking those tomorrow actually. But for the month of June, it's a D.

4. Do 5 fun things with Lindsay- We went to the zoo, the creek, the creek with Beau and Betty, a crossfit event and had our niece and nephew spend the night. Not exactly the fun I meant to have with Lindsay but still fun. I think we can have more fun the month of July. This one gets a B since it wasn't the most incredible month of fun ever. ha!

5. Backsquat 400 and Frontsquat 325- This one was an epic fail. I don't like to give excuses and therefor I just gave this one a poor effort. I've been crossfitting and working out a bit at school but just haven't been super motivated to work at it. On a positive note, I did power clean 235 for a double the other day which fired me up. My max clean was 250 so I think I can see that number going up. I wanna see my body weight go down and all the other numbers go up. That should be a better goal for July. This is a big F for June tho. No bueno at all.
Summary: A, A, D, B, F. So 3 out of 5 isn't horrible but the others were very doable. I need to keep reminding myself of my goals and put them in a place where I can see them.

and now to July's-

1. Run 3 Days A Week- We start couch to 5k today to get ready for the 5K we are running in August [quite the procrastinators we are!] so I will need to AT LEAST be running 3 days a week! 

2. Start A Morning Bible Time- I want to make the effort to start a Bible ritual every morning. It is not the easiest thing because I am probably the least likely to be a morning person you will meet! 

3. Have 2 Date Nights- Well we already have 1 planned for our anniversary night at the beach so just 1 more needed. Honestly, it is so hard to remember to date, I am the worst at just putting it off because we have other stuff today [and we don't even have kids!] yikes! 

4. Read 2 Books- I love to read but just making this an effort or it gets left to the waste side. The beach trip should make this one easier! 

5. Listen to the Happier podcast weekly- I would like to do this everyday but sometimes I have brain overload so if I could listen to it weekly I'd be pretty HAPPY with myself [pun intended].

6. Clean The Inside Of My Car- and keep it that way! [my granddaddy says, the pretty the girl, the messier the car!]


1. Weight 215- My big ole butt has to lose some weight. I am only 5'8 and I don't need to be in the 200's. Food is my weakness and is so yummy. It's definitely where I have to learn some control. So I need 5 more healthy pounds to fall off.

2. Read "How God Makes Men"- I started a Bible study a while back with some guys from my gym and we started this book. It was a good read on how far we got but I want to start fresh and reread the whole thing. A book a month is a big goal for me so hopefully I can get focused and read. By the way, I enjoy books and articles on being a man. I think we are feminizing our young men in this country butttttt that's for another time.

3. Write in fitness journal everyday for July- I notice I like writing about what I've done that day. It allows me to reflect on if I've worked hard enough and accomplished what I needed to. It's not just for fitness but for everything going on.

4. Spend "quality" time with Lindsay- We get so wrapped up in the habits and day to day routines that we often fall victim of just going through the motions. I am the worst at that. So make a great effort to go on walks and talk and invest in each other.

5. Become a better athlete- I want to always be better than I was yesterday. In my marriage, job, family, mentally and physically. The physical stuff is a little easier to track compared to the previous mentioned. I've really enjoyed starting back crossfit in January (thank you Lindsay for the push) and have seen improvements in my physical appearance. So I want to improve on all my lifts (dead-lift, squat, bench press, clean, snatch) and want to do the Couch to 5K for the month of July. We are doing a 5K in August an this fatboy hates to run! So I need to improve.

[he's precious, right?!] What are y'all's goals for July?? Check back tomorrow for the usual Friday Favorites!{made my about me more...about me so check it out!}


  1. You're inspiring me to work on some goals!!


    1. Thanks for reading girl! Can't wait to read your future goals!


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