Monday, June 29, 2015

what's on #6

whew! back from a semi-eventful weekend, sorry being a little late this morning! Both of our grandmothers came home during the week [keep tripp's grandmother in your prayers, she's still not 100%] and then our god-baby was born early so we headed back to the hospital for her big arrival [keep Tanicia and Sydney in your prayers, momma is still in the hospital and they expect to keep Sydney for at least 4 more weeks]. So as you can see it's been a bit hectic around here! Also, the slip and slide party got rescheduled to July 11th due to rain soooo on to the project list.

Project List-
Around here, there are a lot of projects that we COULD do and that we SHOULD do before we sell in a few years. From the bathroom's seashell sink to putting flooring in the basement [we had to rip it up because of a water issue last year].

Right now, we are doing a lot of landscaping work so I guess that would be our current project list. Tripp cut down a tree this past week in the back and it already looks so much better.
  {TA-DA tree be gone!}

The tree on the left [1st picture] over taking the steps that you can barely see in this picture, well say bye bye because it's gone. We are still trying to rip up most of the bushes in this picture that is over taking our yard and there are vines over taking a short wooden fence we have on the left side too.

We need to replace flowers/shrubs in this bed where he ripped everything out recently. Any ideas on what to put down?! 

So right now, it's all outdoors for us. Ripping and replacing! I'll post pictures along the way! Check back tomorrow! 

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