Monday, June 8, 2015

What's On #4 with a side of goals

It's Mondayyyy and I'm having to work this Monday, normally I have Mondays and Fridays off but I'm okay with being at the office today. It normally picks up pace starting June 1st for people enrolling for the next school year so it's nice to have busy days to make the time go by faster.

My menu!: Now I've made it transparent that I'm not the best cook and it's not my favorite past time but last week we started meal prepping and that worked really well so we are giving it a go this week too. On the menu-
  • 1/2 cup chicken [cooked, seasoned]
  • 1/2 cup white rice [cooked, salted]  
What I like about the blandness is that I can add whatever I want with the mood, we just take them out of the frig for lunch or dinner, heat up for 2 minutes and it's ready. I normally always add parmesan to mine for better flavor. We bought brown rice for next weeks. I tried fish and vegetables but they just don't stay fresh long enough for it too feel worth it.

of course the monsters are mine as well [my vice].

PS. I got the idea from my favorite blogger, Shay Shull to do some small to large goals each month and since it is day 8 of June I thought it wasn't too late for me to add some to my month.

Tripp and I both participated and I included our lists:


Do Something Outdoors Twice A Week - this one is hard for me being that I work indoors with no windows 3-4 days a week.

Weigh 130-  I told Tripp that we were being very brave posting some goal weights for this month, we have overall goal weights but these are our stepping stones for this month. We are pretty unhealthy and are looking to change it!

Go To The Derm-  Again, the struggle is real with my skin and I am so tired of it! Being 24 and having the worst skin of my life is no bueno. I have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday! #yay

Keep My Paperwork Stack At Work Low- This time of year our paperwork pile grows substantially and pretty much dictates how my desk is gonna look the whole school year.

Have Friends Over [entertain]- It's summer and of course most of our friends are teachers so it's a slow time and great time to have people over! {already have a family slip and slide party in the works!}

Run A Mile In 10 Minutes- Sounds easy to you guys but I am the worst runner and we signed up for a 5k in August. Gotta start fast!

Weigh 220- Again, we are both working on our stepping stone goals.

Read A Book- Tripp is a PE teacher, okay. That by no means makes him a guy who loves to read.

Keep Yard Clean and Keep Working On It- Guys, he has already planted me two hibiscus trees :) #happywife

Do 5 Fun Things With Lindsay [at least]- We did one today that I'll post later this week!

Back Squat 400 and Front Squat 325- Dude is getting swole. #gottawatchmybackfortheladies

Share your June goals!

have any new meal prep ideas?! comment with them!

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