Tuesday, May 12, 2015

pinterest isn't just for moms.

So on Tuesdays I will start updating you guys on what pinterest inspo I've been seeing lately. Sometimes pinterest just overwhelms and I have to take a few weeks off but here lately when Tripp gets up to go to the gym at 4:30, I take that quiet time to Pin until my heart is full.

First off, my current favorite pinners: 

second, my boards that have been getting my attention lately

Boho is my inspiration for every wardrobe choice currently. These are just everything right now.

Last week I got around 4 inches cut off my hair so that maybe it could become healthy again..it was so fried and having to cut that much was sad but fresh start. I'm obsessed with braids and nude lips for summer. 


LouisaG, who I recommended y'all follow at the beginning of this post inspired this board. I'm always looking for natural ways to overcome my depression and these are amazing. I ordered some essential oils so I am pretty pumped to give those a try. 

 healthy eats
We are horrible eaters....it takes such a huge effort to really eat well. I am constantly being encouraged with this board though. 

third, that's what is currently inspiring me.. If you are on pinterest, give your girl a follow!

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