Friday, May 15, 2015

favorites friday.

my top favorites for the week:

This guy! Of course, he is an every week fav but today we have been together 4 years so here is to 4 more years haha. It has been a ride and an adventure, that's for sure!

Good news!! We are officially a two car household, y'all have no idea how excited we are. We sold our second car literally the week of our honeymoon and tried to be a one a car household for a while due to just saving money and paying off our debt. With the help of family (thanks for letting us borrow cars and giving us a few rides!), prayers and managing money, we now have two cars and Tripp has a truck (he's a man!). Yay!!

 I need these pieces in my closet! Wish list for sure.

Since last Friday, I've gotten major family time in, which is always a favorite! Friday, Mom and I took my Nana to Olive Garden and then to Belk's to get a purse for Mama's Day. Saturday Morning was spent with my Dad's side of the family eating breakfast at ryan's and Saturday afternoon we went to see our niece's dance recital [so sweet!]. Sunday for lunch, we had Tripp's side over for Mother's Day lunch and Sunday for dinner, we had my mom and dad over for Mother's Day dinner. Monday morning, Mom and I spent a few hours at my Grandmother's house pampering her for Mama's Day. Needless to say, we needed a weekend from our weekend.

 <- [Doesn't Tripp, My cuz Maci and her daugher Bailey look like such a happy family haha!] 

  ->  [Maci's youngest and the newest McKeever girl, Sadie and presenting my "WHO nose" profile [[Grinch Reference]]
^^^ [Most of the McKeever girls, missing Levi who is our only boy there]

^^^ McKeever Adults minus my mom, Uncle JP and Uncle Mike. 

[Miss Willow Rhea Taylor after her recital]
 <- [My grandparents feeding each other. I.mean.y'all.they.are.the.cutest.]

Crossfit Games Regionals start today! Y'all, now crossfit isn't my favorite sport to do but it is my favorite to watch and regionals start today! Team EZ, Team Dan Bailey, Team Matt Chan, Team Josh Bridges! I mean I just love watching these people do things that look extremely painful.

that's it for this friday!

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