Wednesday, March 29, 2017

what's up wednesday

hi favorites! 

This time of the month is my favorite because it is my favorite link-up with Mix and Match Mama and this was my first link-up to participate in and it's my favorite to read.

What we're eating this week-

Really?! You're asking ole preggo what she's rude! Just kidding, honestly it depends on the day. I had been eating Mac n Cheese, yesterday that made me throw up. Today, I can eat ice cream but any savory foods sound gross. My husband just rides the waves honestly and he is such a trooper about them [but I mean who complains about eating ice cream?!]. I can't wait till postpartum when I get my taste buds back, my mom promises that it happens and I'm holding her to it. 

What I'm reminiscing about-

Normally around this time I'm dreaming about our summer vacation and all the fun spring/summer adventures we will be getting into but this year is so different. I can't imagine going to the beach 7 months pregnant so we will be fixing up the nursery and getting baby ready, we have so many home projects to do once Tripp is out of school and this year won't be a vacation year for us. Just call us Chip and Jo #fixerupper But it's even the smallest things that I cherish in the summer like Sunday night grocery shopping and getting home just in time to watch Big Brother and luckily, we will still be able to do that this year! 

Also, Tripp's grandmother passed away a week ago Saturday and my minds been on her a lot lately and how I wish she would've been able to meet the baby. She was Tripp's favorite and I do believe vice versa so I know she would have loved being able to love on our baby.

What I'm loving- 
Nascar! Y'all I don't know why but I have completely dove into this sport and I'm loving it, it gives me something to look forward to and have someone to pull for. It's nice to have sport again because I used to be Sporty Spice and a lot of that was due to my brother so when he passed I lost my passion for most sports but this feels nice. 
Podcasts! For some reason I'm at this in between of not having a tv show to binge and not really listening to much music so it means podcasting- alllll day.
Evenings! Because most evenings I can see my boo and that makes me happiest.
Essential Oils! Currently using Elevation, Wild Orange and Grapefruit to get me through this pregnancy since I am not able to take anything for my depression.
Outdoors! Pretty days always help :)
Anything that inspires me- right now depression is hard so anything to watch, listen to, read, do that can keep my spirits up is great.

What we've been up to-
Our spring break was last week so this week was back to school for Tripp and coaching fella has been busy. He's also currently doing his masters program so he stays busy even on nights he's home! I've just been working and being pregnant- sometimes that feels like it's on full time job!

What I'm dreading-
 Next week is the 3 year mark of my brother's death. Time flies and no matter how far I think I've gotten in my grief journey when it gets close to April 5th the majority of my thoughts are about him, all of our memories and what life with him would look like now. I'll do a memorial post next week for that guy because he deserves it!

What I'm working on-
We're on officially on graduation countdown at work so that is always a nerve wracking time especially this year with pregnancy brain and making sure I don't forget anything. That's my main focus at work, along with closing out the school year and getting everything ready for the new school year which enrollment starts for that in June. Busy time at work!

What I'm excited about-

Well today we have our 16 week doctor appointment so that's always exciting, I love getting to check on the baby because I spend the other 3 weeks out of the month worrying about it. Also, excited about Easter, I do think becoming a parent makes all the holidays a little sweeter. It just makes it exciting right now!

What I'm watching/reading-

Dancing with the Stars is really the only show I'm watching currently which is bizarre for me. Grace and Frankie season 3 is out and I need to start it, also so ready for The Ranch season 2..I loveee that show!
I have several books I need to be reading right now but I haven't started anything. I don't know what's been wrong with me this year, I just haven't been able to sit down and start a book. 
What I'm listening to-

What I'm wearing- 
Well not much is fitting right now so my pajamas are my favorite look currently. I did get some maternity leggings from Old Navy and they have been super helpful for everyday!

What I'm doing this weekend-
It's a pretty big weekend, my mom and mother-in-law are throwing us a gender reveal Saturday night so I'm really looking forward to that! Eeeeek! #teamboy or #teamgirl A
A family from work got me the sweetest gift and I can't wait to see which ones we will be using!

What I'm looking forward to next month-
My husband will hopefully be done with all of his sport seasons by the end of April which is exciting, my work cranks up even more with graduation and we will have our 20 week anatomy scan! I feel like we are so boring honestly. Oh, I am excited about Easter too!

What else is new-
I think we've covered it all by this point! 
What's your favorite spring wardrobe piece?-
I got my easter dress! I haven't tried it on yet so we will see but it's adorable on the model ha! 

 That was fun!


  1. Your Easter dress is soooooo cute!!! How exciting is your weekend going to be!?


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