Tuesday, June 14, 2016

back w/a side of sunburn

Hey beauties!

 It's time to talk beauty and skin tips! I love brown skin, I have done anything and everything to be tan, y'all. Tanning beds, Spray Tans, Self-Tanning Lotions, Vitamin D outside..well it finally bit me in the rear.

Two Fridays ago was my first day this spring/summer to have time to grab some sun and boy did I! Tripp and I were able to both have that Friday off and I remember stating, "I don't want to go home till the sun is down". Well apparently I meant that all too literal and after 8 hours in the sun with absolutely ZERO sunblock on. I have never been so roasted. Put me next to a lobster and you wouldn't be able to tell me apart.

At first, it was the shivers....I. So. Cold. from all the burn, then came horrific redness which I believed the worst part of it would be resulting in peeling skin for about a week..Oh no, no. I wish peeling skin was all I had to worry about. Unfortunately my face got so burnt that on Saturday morning I woke up and my forehead was completely swollen, looking so much like the predator it was scary y'all.
[i.e. my forehead]

So after mucho panic, I declared a weekend of indoors and I would begin trying all the sunburn remedies in which brings me to my blog today...what works with a sunburn..because y'all, I NOW KNOW.

[my proof..I could barely see]
[me recently in case y'all forgot]

Things I tried and How I rate them:

1|| Lavender Oil and Coconut Oil-   4 out of 5 *****
I assume the Lavender oil is meant to calm the burn and the Coconut oil is for moisture. I will say that the Lavender has a strong smell but when I put this on my shoulders, chest, legs, stomach..it really HELPED and prevented peeling from being atrocious. I had small amount of peeling and it didn't affect the skin that turned into a tan after the burn. Unfortunately, not helpful on my face. I eventually just added the coconut oil on my face for the major dryness.

2|| Apple Cider Vinegar- 1 out of  5 *****
Did not help at all. Only burned worse, especially my face where skin peeled and left severe rawness. Ouchy!

3|| Witch Hazel- 2 out of 5 *****
The good thing about Witch Hazel is that there is no burn and no smell hence the one extra star compared to the ACV but as far as results...none.

4|| Preparation H-  3 out of 5 *****
My good friend told me to try this for the swelling face and yes, it felt funny on my face. As far as results, they weren't immediate but around 12 or 1pm the following day..my face swelling went down. Coincidence or results...I'll say results to the PH.

5|| Icing - 2 out of 5 *****
I gave it more than one star simply due to the fact that it felt AMAZING on the burn but other than getting another burn from the frozen things I was placing on my face...no results. I guess the added burn should actually take the extra star away now that I think about it.

So now that I've given my story and advice...have y'all ever looked like a lobster?! I definitely learned my lesson..and tan is NOT worth it! I'll fake tan from now on. What sun burn remedies has worked for y'all!??


  1. I always get burnt - sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Then lots of aloe afterwards if needed. Going to keep in mind the lavender and coconut oil, though!

  2. ouch.. you poor thing. i am less afraid of the immediate sun burn and more afraid of the later consequences. the sun terrifies me. i grew up in Oz, and spent a lot of childhood and teenage years sunburned.. the only thing that ever worked on me was aloe. i don't let myself get burned at all anymore. not worth the pain or the cancer. you poor thing! i hope the pain is all gone now!


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