Monday, March 14, 2016

Pretty Happy review

hi my most beautiful friends,

I am putting in LOTS of changes into my life|routine the past 3 weeks and the one for this week is to get a blog out everyday and get back on track with 5 posts a week. Today I am so excited to talk PRETTY HAPPY. I actually got my butt in gear and finished my first book of the year which I know is sad considering it is March but also not bad, considering I got the book like 2 weeks ago.


It has changed me and motivated me..FINALLY! I wouldn't say you necessarily have to be a Kate Hudson fan to read this, it did help that I am a HUGE fan but you definitely need to be interested in health, wellness and fitness. I have just gotten to a point where I am ready to try most things to feel better and have more energy and that is what this book is all to get your body/mind in the best health possible.

It is interactive as you can tell from this page and is just such an easy read. You have little homework sheets and quizzes and you are constantly learning more about your body which really keeps your attention. I never struggled to read this book, instead I struggled to put it down.

I learned that I am a PITTA, which means when I am out of balance I could have heartburn, ulcers, nausea, redness of the skin, acne, diarrhea or anemia. [TOTALLY me!] PITTA is fire and water and usually has a fiery personality [oh, yes]. When they are out of balance they can be irritable, judgmental on themselves and others and angry [again, oh yes]. This is just a tiny example of how I learned more about myself.

Another thing is that if you happen to struggle with sinuses [my nose runs more often than it should], then your body has a hard time digesting dairy. So interesting, right?! Ha, maybe just me but I really enjoyed getting to know the things my body can't take and the things my body needs more. I really tried to face the past week not trying to be skinny but trying a lifestyle change to feel as good as possible and get myself as healthy as I can. Strong>>>Skinny

So that is a little on the book, now onto what changes I've put into motion since finishing the book.

1| I have cut back extremely on dairy, like less than a serving a day. Which is a big change from the girl that lived off of a huge bowl of cereal or a yogurt.

2| Cut gluten out. I went to my local health food store [Becky's Health Food Store for my local friends] and picked up Ezekiel brand bread which is in the book. I also got raw, unsalted nuts for snacks and gluten free wraps.

3| Sugar, be gone! I am really seeing how extremely AWFUL sugar is for your body and mind. I see how addicted I was, I would consume sodas, cereal, candy like nobody's business. I only have sugar in my coffee now and I'm done for the day which I am trying to figure out a better solution for that too. [I have tried liquid stevia and just can not get on board, if y'all have any suggestions please let me know.]

Struggles this week did hit and hard. I had my mind made up to do this but don't think I didn't want a donut the whole week ha! I also had a pretty hard headache 3 days this week from getting used to such a small amount of caffeine compared to normal but can I say by the end of day 5 I realized that I went a whole day without feeling TIRED?!!!?! WHAT??! I didn't even think that was possible.

I worked out 3 days this week and implemented these changes into my diet. I got through 1 whole week doing everything that was expected of me, which is huge for the girl who used to could not climb out of the bed. I prayed when I struggled, I did let myself cry, I congratulated myself on small victories throughout the week. Then like my husband said last night, small victories turn into big victories!

Book Review:

If you are a big fan of Kate, go grab it now!
If health & wellness are really intriguing to you, go go go get it!
If you are looking for a holistic approach to feeling better, you need this book!



  1. Yay for you being back!! That book sounds right up my alley! I'll have to Amazon prime it stat!

  2. Sounds like a very interesting book! I am also going sugar free. I did it four years ago and felt fabulous (two years ago, around Easter, I thought it wouldn't be a big deal to have a few Cadbury eggs...huge mistake....sugar really is a drug). I would try honey or maple syrup (I'm not a fan of maple syrup but have friends who use this as a sweetener) in your coffee instead of sugar or a sugar substitute. Keep up the good work. You are doing great!!

  3. I need to get this book!!Thanks for doing a review on it!! Sounds like it's helpful!

  4. Sounds like you're making some awesome changes that will be great for your health! That book sounds really cool, and I'd be interested to take the questionnaire. Thanks for the review :)

  5. Way to go girl on making changes to better yourself!!! I think I need to go and grab this book ASAP!


  6. Get it, girl!! Sounds like you're on track to get yourself in a healthy place, and I'm glad I'm along for the ride! I'd love to check that book out... I'm going to add it to my Amazon wishlist now!

  7. I love it when I just can't put a book down. This one and Khloe Kardashians book are on my 'to read' list!
    Chasing Texas

  8. I'm gonna get this book! So glad to read a post from you! You're one of my faves!

  9. That book looks awesome! Definitely adding it to my "want" list. So excited to follow you on this journey. Small victories definitely do add to larger ones. Sometimes just something out of the blue will kick you in the butt and keep you motivated. Great job!!!

  10. I LOVE that you're doing this. I don't eat dairy and gluten (for food allergies) and sugar now anymore because I have felt so much better without it. As soon as I get home from vacation, I really am going to continue cutting it out. Thank you for reviewing this book, I really want to read it now!! Next time you should link up for Bookworm Wednesday :)

  11. You should do a Whole30!!! You cut out all of those things for 30 days - no sugar, gluten, legumes, dairy, or alcohol. And it is just SO GOOD. Taught me so much about myselffff!

    1. And, definitely going to get this book ASAP!


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