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DWTS Recap- Episode 1

hello my beautiful babes! 

Yesterday [Monday] was a down day, I am fortunate to have Mondays off for the time being so it was a bed day. Life is funny though, I got a sweet surprise from a dear friend that brightened the day and it came at a needed time.

I went to write my blog for tonight and my husband encouraged the subject because it is a show that I love so much. I was hesitant because it is corny and I feel like not many of you may watch but something about dance shows just make my heart happy. I've never been a dancer but I've always loved watching it so I'll be giving my recap on DWTS today.

If you watch, AWESOME. If you don't, well there are still a few fun numbers that are very entertaining.

First up, we have Kim Fields [Actress: Tootie from Facts of Life, Living Single and RHOA]. Again, I am a die hard fan so most of the time I am a bigger fan of the dancer then the celeb and that's the case for this one. Sasha deserves to be on the show and has such great chemistry with whatever celeb is thrown his way. Judges score 20/30. Her chemistry with Sasha plus her sass and rhythm, I can get on board with that score.

Paige VanZant & Mark Ballas followed and I was pleasantly surprised with her gracefulness. I'm not a fighter but I feel like I would be much more box-y and aggressive and her smoothness just shown. She is a gorgeous so it isn't hard to see these two having chemistry. Judges score 21/30. Totally agree with this score, huge fan of this team! I have 3 favorites and she is one of them.

Doug Flutie & Karina Smirnoff..this is again one of the cases where I am a bigger fan of the dancer. Karina is a DWTS vet so it is hard for me not to pull for her, unfortunately I had no idea who her celeb was [sidenote: my mom knew if that helps]. Also, I have this really bad habit of if anything gets slightly awkward on tv then I immediately mute it and look down. I can't handle it ha! I won't even look at the celeb's face when the judges are being mean because it makes me sad for them. Okay, so maybe I take this more seriously than they do ha. Judges score 15/30. Unfortunately, I agree again. I hate this part but he may be the first gone this season :(

My girl, Jodie Sweetin was next with her partner, Keo Motsepe [another favorite!]. I feel good about this partnership and while I defintely don't think tonight showed how great she is going to be, I am VERY excited for next week. I remember all the routines from Full House and girl has rhythm! Let's do this Jodie! Yep, the 2nd of my 3 favorites. Judges score 20/30. I agree considering how the scoring for tonight went.

Geraldo Rivera was on the floor next....and ouch. I love that his partner is an old vet back from a hiatus, Edyta [PS. it's ridiculous that her body looks like that after a baby and mine looks like this with no baby hah]. Awkward is the word. Edyta was fantastic though! I don't like him as a person, I need to be honest so if he is gone the 1st week then I wouldn't be mad. Judges score 13/30. Well deserved.

Marla Maples is a nice surprise after the horror show that was Geraldo. Let's be honest that when Marla says she is an actress, we are all thinking that we literally only know her from her marriage to Donald Trump. I love her dancer, TONY! [oldie but a goodie] He deserves a good dancer, I'm just not sure this is it. She is sweet, smooth and beautiful but I don't know if she has a big enough following.
Judges score 21/30..a little high considering who else received this score.

WANYA Morris was up next and I don't know if you can tell by now but he is my FAV, y'all. Grew up with Boyz II Men being played and have always been a huge fan, plus he has personality for dayssss. His dancer is my girl, Lindsay. She is amazing and I love that she is a professional on here. They have this brother/sister chemistry that I am digging and can't wait to see what happens next week. This dance gets me AMPED! Judges score 23/30. TOTALLY DESERVING!

Ginger Zee followed that big act and she was definitely a pleasant surprise. She was paired with Val, whom I have a love/hate relationship with..He is sarcastic which I can get on board with but arrogant which is a huge turn off. I didn't know what to expect with this new mom, she is hilarious with Val which helps their "before dance" packages. Judges called her Bindi which is a big name to put on someone but she does remind me of an Adult Bindi, I sound harsh but she just wasn't my favorite. Judges score 23/30. I don't think she deserved as high as Wanya.

& next.....Mischa Barton..y'all. This hurt my heart. I love her dancer, Artem and he is usually pretty fun to watch but not even him on my screen can add any entertainment to this one. She seems terrified and I don't think it was her idea to sign up for the show. I wouldn't be surprised if she quit after the judges comments. They were harsh and probably a little harsher than need be. If she stays this week then there needs to be some kind of "come to Jesus" meeting with the two of them. Judges score 16/30. Deserving.

Nyle Dimarco was next and I couldn't be more relived. I had extreme nerves at first for him, knowing that he was deaf and not sure how this could go. After I saw his chemistry with Peta [his dancer], I breathed a sigh of relief and then his dance started. Y'ALL! He.was.amazing. Woah. I don't know if this will be a continuous thing but he was a dancer tonight and it was beautiful. Judges score 23/30. DESERVED!

The last two of the night, were two of the current NFL players which I picture them pitting those two against each other for the rest of the season. Last season it was a husband and wife..this season two NFL competitors. Should be interesting, because they both seem into the show which will make watching them VERY fun.

Antonio Brown was up first, paired with Sharna who LITERALLY kills it every season. He is pretty confident and I have to say that he wins it for me between to the NFL'ers. He's smooth, personality is huge and was able to keep up with Sharna which is no easy task. Not a Steelers fan but Steelers-1 Broncos-0  Judges score 21/30. I think a 22 wouldn't have killed them.

Von Miller closed the night out with his partner, Witney. She could be dancing with a brick wall and look amazing but the fact that they were closing out the show had my expectations high. It didn't quite amp me up as much as I had hope but he clearly has no issues with rhythm and personality. They will be a perfect match and I'm sure they will only get better as the weeks go on. I feel like he just didn't give tonight 100% so I'm excited to see him next week. Judges Score 21/30. I think a perfect score for this routine.

I know that this show isn't hugely popular for people my age but I love it and it is a happy spot to my week when it is on! What was y'all's favorites last night?! Does anybody else get super happy watching dance routines?! Ha, only me?!


  1. I can't believe I've still never watched this show. I was a dancer my entire life (until college) so I know I'd enjoy it! Hope you have a better day today <3

  2. DWTS is my FAV! Loved this recap, can't wait to see how this season unfolds!!


  3. It has been forever since I've watched this show, you have me allll amped up!

  4. As an OC fan I really wanted Mischa Barton to do well, but it was just a struggle for her… hopefully she can turn it around next week!

  5. I didn't watch so LOVE the recap!!!!! I was thinking this would be a season where I was more into the pros than the stars, but whatev! I think Mischa might be shy in real life, which would be SO hard on a show like this. Geraldo is just hilarious lol! Love it!


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