Wednesday, March 16, 2016

5 things about Birmingham, Ala.

hello my favorite loves!

Today I am talking my city. One of my goals growing up was to get out of this town and here I am at 25.. still here. But I have found things to make me content while God still has me here and Birmingham definitely isn't the worst place to be. I love living in the South and really couldn't picture living anywhere North of here but I would LOVE to live near water one day and preferably somewhere without any season but Summer ha!

But back to Birmingham, I don't know if you guys have ever been to the ole B'ham but here are some fun things if you ever find yourself passing through 205.

5| The Variety of Food
So our favorite date night activity is eating! I refuse to deny it anymore, we love trying new places or going somewhere that is an old favorite so today I'll share some reviews on the places around Bham.

Giuseppe's Cafe- on 8th Street S [Italian Food] MY ABSOLUTE FAV!
Fuego Cantina- on 20th Street S [Mexican Food] The best Mexican food downtown and Taco Tuesday's are where it's at!
Mugshots- in Uptown [Burgers] It is a franchise but when we are craving a good burger this is where we go. I get the PB&J burger, but I've also tried the McDonald's complaints on either! Tripp's go to is the pizza burger.
Melt- on 4th Avenue S [Comfort Food/Sandwiches] I gotta be honest that it isn't my favorite but I seem to be in the minority with my friends so worth a shout out.

4| Iron City | Workplay
I have always loved going to concerts since I was a little girl. It was actually a hobby of mine and my dad's growing up but I kept it going into my teens and it's still my favorite hobby to this day [just a little expensive]. I've been to Workplay more times than I can count and finally got to visit Iron City this past January. They are both smaller venues with a warehouse feel. I have seen everybody from Amos Lee to The Maine to Johnnyswim. All lesser-known type entertainment but so, so fun and a must visit! Tickets usually run $15-$35 so on the cheap side too!
{a few concerts}

3| Oak Mountain State Park
I've known about Oak Mtn Park my whole life but just recently was able to visit. We went hiking just last week and I did my paddle board yoga class there in September.. It is such a beautiful spot, it is $5 a person and well worth it! We took a lunch and made a day of it. You can hike, bike, golf, ride horses, paddle board, canoe, kayak and more!

2| Birmingham Barons | Regions Field
Now this is one of our favorite spots that we just do not get out to enough. We don't have a professional team in Alabama and Auburn/Alabama universities are both at least an hour away so if you are looking for a good sporting event the Birmingham Barons are where it's at! They built this park a few years ago right in the middle of downtown and it could not be prettier. It is close to some of the local breweries and Railroad park so plenty to do before or after a game.

1| Vulcan Park & Museum
Vulcan is special for MANY reasons. It is a must see if you are in Birmingham because when you are at the top you can see the whole city. Tripp isn't a fan of riding the elevator all the way to the top of the statue because of the heights but it is a must at least one time. I have never been to the museum, mostly because it is gorgeous to go at night and the museum closes at 6pm and the statue/park stays open till 10pm. The main reason why this spot is #1 on my list is because this is where Tripp proposed so it will always be my favorite spot in Birmingham.

Hope y'all liked my city! See y'all back tomorrow; same time, same place!


  1. I've never been to Birmingham but it looks like I should!! My first stop would be all those yummy restaurants :)

  2. Your state park looks so wonderful.

  3. Looks like so much fun! I've never been to Alabama! And I totally agree with you on where to live. I'm a NW gal, but I need to find somewhere that's summery all year round, with NO humidity ... does that exist?!?! If so let me know, lol.

  4. I love oak mountain state park!! I'm been to bham a million times and never been to Vulcan park, I need to go sometime!

  5. We love B'ham! We go there fairly often for concerts! Oak Mountain Amphitheater is my favorite venue ever!! It's much more intimate than most outdoor amphitheaters.

  6. I think I have driven through Birmingham but never stopped, unless it was to grab a quick bit. Looks like you have a bunch of fun things to do there. Love that park...I could easily see spending a day there!


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