Wednesday, February 17, 2016

top 10: summer

hi beautiful friends!

2 posts in a row this week makes me UBER happy! It's really been an overall great week and I welcome it! I mentioned yesterday that I am doing some top 10s and today we are talking my favorites in the summer.

Summer is easily my favorite season and always has been. I don't think I have seasonal depression, but winter definitely doesn't help it. Grey days, frigid temps, horrible winds..ugh! I was made for 75+ weather and I thrive in it! What is y'all's favorite season?! 

[in no particular order]

10. Big Brother-
Unfortunately BB only airs in the summer which I hate but at the same time, I love because it gives me something else to look forward to. BB is my guilty pleasure tv for the hot months, it's refreshing to not have a ton of shows on because I want to be outside more but I love having this one to look forward to each week.

9. Tan-
I love me some brown skin, y'all. I used to be very tanorexic which I happily can say I have given up for health reasons and finally wising up to how bad tanning beds are for you. That being said, I have two favorites when it comes to sunless tanning: Banana Boat Sunless Color or Toma's Liquid Spray Tan.

8. Moisturizer-
I don't know about y'all but one of the things I REALLY can not tolerate during the cold months is being dry. EVERYTHING on me gets dry; lips, hands, feet, legs, even my eyes! Ugh it's horrible, so I love the summer months when my skin gets to soak and enjoy the time off of the stinky cold. 

7. Popsicles-
My mom says my love of popsicles come from her pregnancy because that's what she lived off of when preggo with yours truly. Our house stays pretty warm because it's an older home and just doesn't have great ventilation so I love on a warm day to get me one or two popsicles [the cheapo kind]. It's a sweet treat that I don't feel guilty for eating either.

6. Sunglasses/Hats-
I will NEVER be able to own expensive sunglasses, you just won't ever see me with them because I go through sunglasses like most people go through tissues. I can not keep a pair but I love them. I have blue eyes too so they are super sensitive to the sun. Target is my go to sunglass hut because they have every shape and color for a cheap price. I am also a hug hat fan: baseball, fedora, floppy, etc!

5. Shorts-
The minute it hits 60 degrees, I am in shorts. They are just so comfy to me and I often find myself wearing them everyday until the fall. They make such cute, modest designs now that makes it easy as I am getting older to still be able to wear them. It's hard to figure out how to dress now that I am in my mid twenties, I never want to look like a tween or a granny so I am always some where in between, ha!

4. Exercise Outside-
I love being able to jog/run/walk outside and when it is cold I just shut down and can't do it outside {treadmill?!} but I definitely feel more motivated when I know I can get my sweat on outside. I love hiking, biking, swimming, anything outdoors...the options are endless!

3. Sandals-
I often find myself wearing sandals, even in cold weather #whoops. I don't know why but I just love them and find them way more comfy. I usually buy a few pairs in the spring and end up wearing them out by the end of summer. I always get my moneys worth!

2. Veggies/Fruits- 
Summer fruits and veggies are my favorite! You can make the best and prettiest salads this time of year which makes healthy eating so much easier! Watermelon {my personal fav}, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, eggplant, tomatoes, summer squash..the list goes on and on.

1. Memory Making/Off Time-
Well this one is easy, people usually have more off time, especially with my hubs being a teacher/coach. I get to see him A WHOLE FREAKING LOT more, we get to make memories by walking, having puppy time, trying new things. We get to spend more family time and enjoy creating new memories with those loves, as well. Family vacations, our anniversary, water fun, beautiful weather...the summer is just my favorite place to be...

now what's yours?! 


  1. Would you hate me if I said my favorite season is winter??? Well, a southern winter that is :) I love scarfs, jackets, hats, snuggling up, drinking hot drinks, snow, etc. I just love the chilly air. Don't hate me :)

  2. Yes to shorts! Yes to sandals! And yes to time off for my coach as well! I'm so ready for summer.

  3. What is it about being tan that makes you feel so freaking good?! I always feel healthiest when I'm tan, and I know that it's the exact opposite! It stinks that it's so bad for you because MAN I miss my tanning bed days!

  4. I LOVE sunglasses. I would love a pair of nice ones, I think I would take care of them, but now I just have a ton of inexpensive glasses. Nordstrom has them for like $12-15 in the jr section that are my go to!


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